Coutinho’s dilemma: he wants to return to the Premier, but he has no offers

Coutinho's dilemma: he wants to return to the Premier, but he has no offers

The price of his chip is very high and for now no one speaks on the subject. Barcelona is still waiting to be able to locate the Brazilian.

Kia Joorabchian, one of the agents of Philippe Coutinho , recognized this week for the first time that the Brazilian wants to return to the Premier League if this possibility appears.

“He is not against continuing in Barcelona,” Joorabchian clarified, but the truth is that the Catalan club is forced to part with the Brazilian if it wants to undertake any renowned reinforcement – the arrival of Lautaro Martínez, without going any further, depends on its sale. – and to reduce the crazy salary expenditure so as not to break with the Financial Fair Play.

From the Camp Nou offices they understand that only one club in the Premier is in a position to reach 80 million euros and match their high salary, but to date none have moved.

Arsenal, a team with very solid professional ties to Joorabchian for years, is one of those that has shown interest but, like Barça, it has a mass salary shot and an operation of these characteristics cannot be considered until it comes off Mesut Özil.

Tottenham’s situation is even worse than Arsenal’s. It is one of the clubs hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis in England and after the debut of its new stadium, it cannot aspire to take over Coutinho’s services.

It has also been speculated that Coutinho could re-cross his path with Brendan Rodgers, with whom he already coincided in Liverpool. Leicester City is, in fact, one of the wealthiest clubs in the Premier League at the moment, but it is not clear that it is bidding for Coutinho after having renewed the contract of James Maddison, who plays in his same position.

The strongest possibility is Newcastle, pending rebuilding the team after the arrival of a Qatari investment fund on the property. The club will become one of the most powerful financially speaking and must make a completely new team in which it is not ruled out that Coutinho may be.

In any case, it is only a possibility that remains open until the contrary is said, because, for the moment, there has been no contact with Barcelona.

For now, even if the Brazilian wants the world, England does not seem to be a possible destination.

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