Stronger and stronger! Santiago Ponzinibbio beat the coronavirus

Stronger and stronger!  Santiago Ponzinibbio beat the coronavirus

The last time Santiago Ponzinibbio was on stage, showing all his power inside the cage of UFC, it was precisely in his own Argentina. On that occasion, in the only event that took place in Buenos Aires, in November 2018, it was when she achieved a new victory. There, he knocked out Neil Magny in the fourth round. He fulfilled his dream of fighting in his country and put together his seventh victory in a row in the welterweight category, which left him on the verge of going for the title. However, in the following years everything went downhill and he could not fight again. After overcoming various injuries and 25 days with COVID-19, the fighter broke the silence.

“Many people wonder when I fight, why I don’t come back and the truth is that many obstacles appeared. Everyone already knows that I had a very complicated health problem, but it was much more complex than it came to light. At the time I did not want to give interviews. I had a blood infection, it was very serious, and I was hospitalized twice with a very complicated treatment. The doctors took a long time to find that at the same time of the infection also reactive arthritis and the tendons were inflamed. So I started rehabilitation when the doctors had already removed the catheter. It is a hose that goes under the arm and goes to the heart, where they put me on medications, “began the Argentine.

“When I recover from that after three months of medication I go to Las Vegas to make the recovery and the muscle was not improving. We started doing checkups and there was discovered about reactive arthritis. This produced inflammation in certain parts of my body and made the muscles not work. That took me a lot of months. When I was able to start rehabilitation, all this was in November, with corticosteroids and medications, I started to recover. It turned out that I was going to fight Robbie Lawler, all lies, I never confirmed that fight because I couldn’t walk, I was in Las Vegas doing the rehabilitation very complicated, “he said at the same time.

Continuing with their bad times, Santiago He also said the following: «By the end of November, with an orthopedic surgeon and corticosteroids, I started to do my rehabilitation and started to train hard. I went to Brazil, I came back training and the idea was to fight in April at the Khabib Nurmagomedov event with Tony Ferguson. After the pandemic came, the events for May passed. In the first lap that made the three events I could not get into fighting, we were looking to do something on May 30 (Woodley vs. Burns). Dustin Poirier called me to do sparring in his fight against Dan Hooker, he was training super well and I gave him a front kick and broke my toe. Which made me not train for a week, then I came back with a boot and I couldn’t train well ».

«The other week my knee was swollen from a cut, so again antibiotics and a week without going to the gym. I came back again and in two weeks I got into rhythm, but after I started feeling very tired, it seemed strange to me. The next day I couldn’t get up, I had diarrhea, a headache, nausea, pain behind my eyes, these were all the symptoms of COVID-19. I took the test and it gave me positive. Until I tested negative for 25 days, I was only able to train again last week. We are already visualizing a fight for September, that’s a bit why I couldn’t fight again. I’m sorry for the guy who put me ahead, because I’m going to rip his head off and I’m going to show that I can be the champion of the division, “he said. Ponzinibbio.

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