To UFC? Maria Sharapova trains hard on the beach and goes viral

To UFC?  Maria Sharapova trains hard on the beach and goes viral

Maria Sharapova She is one of the best tennis players in history, but a few days ago she was training hard and some asked for her in UFC. The doping suspension that had her more than a year off the court took away continuity and, since then, injuries and the passing of the years have reduced her performance. Of course, her career ended far from the top of the ranking. So, thinking of succeeding again, he made a decisive change in his life and trains very hard daily.

Shortly after hearing the news, Sharapova revealed that the culprit for positive doping in which she was implicated in 2016 was her representative, Max Eisenbud. According to her, he did not review the list of medicines that he requested in 2015, so the following year, Russia unveiled some prohibited drugs. Among them was the meldonium, which it had been taking since 2006. Well, its sale was without a prescription and it was not controlled in the European country.

It was 10 years after the drug became illegal, although for several years anti-doping tests were carried out and in all of them it was negative. “They always tested me a lot from 2006 to 2015, and nothing ever happened, and in January 2016 it became illegal. It was very disappointing to learn that other federations warned other athletes about meldonium and that it became legal, but not me, “said the extenista in the documentary.

He is a tennis legend

Although she’s retired from professional tennis because of her ordeal with injuries and the issue mentioned above, Maria Sharapova keep exercising conscientiously and taking care of your physical form. Her latest video boxing on the beach circulates at high speed on social networks. There, the legend of women’s tennis is still at an enormous level, so this video proves it. After being one of the best tennis players in the history of that sport and ‘hanging the racket’, the Russian continues to put pressure on her body.

The extenista went to the beach to practice boxing, as well as another series of physical exercises that have left many of her fans open-mouthed. Maria Sharapova, 33 and winner of 5 Grand Slam tournaments, shared on her personal Instagram account the video of one of the sessions with Tommy Cassano, on the beach sand and with boxing. So, although surely you will never enter a cage of UFC, many virtual users asked to go to Mixed Martial Arts.

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