Houston won an incredible game against Dallas

Houston won an incredible game against Dallas

The Mavs had it but Covington sent him to supplemental with a dying double and ended up leading the Rockets with an intractable Harden.

The NBA He returned this Thursday after the almost five-month stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the lack of rhythm seems not to have affected his players. The duel between Houston and Dallas It was another test of the highest level in which the best sports league in the world returned to activity.

The start was a pure goal with a James Harden who did what he wanted: 23 points for La Barba in the first quarter, although the Mavericks, the best offense in the league this season, were not far behind and ended up equalizing the first twelve minutes at 42. Pure offensive fire from both sides.

Luka Doncic, as is his custom, took the reins of Rick Carlisle’s game from the scoring but also from driving. The Slovenian finished the game with 28 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists, the fifteenth triple double of this season for former Real Madrid.

Russell Westbrook, with his 31 points, 11 boards and 8 assists, was a great accompaniment for Harden in the attack by a Rockets who seemed to fall short at the end of the game, where they could not control Kristaps Porzingis. The Dallas forward finished with 39 points and 16 rebounds, although his offensive production did not win over the Mavs.

The closure was electric. Down by seven with 45 seconds left, Harden hit a triple and brought his Rockets closer to four, then Covington hit two free throws just two away from some Mavs who had Seth Curry in the hands of the definition, but the shooter one of the two missed and left the chance for Houston with 6 seconds.

La Barba took the ball and it was necessary, he put the first to put his team to two but the second failed. Covington slapped the offensive rebound and sent it to the net for the game to go insanely in overtime, when Dallas was almost celebrating victory.

In the supplementary Harden continued with his impressive production in attack (49 points), Doncic ran out of energy and Houston ended up leading a great victory by a very bulky score of 153-149. With the win, the Rockets remain fifth in the West with a 41-24 mark while Dallas is seventh with 40-28.

Photo: Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

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