Unexpected! Darren Till was injured and alarms sound in UFC

Unexpected!  Darren Till was injured and alarms sound in UFC

The English middleweight fighter from UFC, Darren Till, recently made several posts talking about his showdown against Robert Whittaker. Showing protection on his knee, indicating that he was injured during the match in Abu Dhabi against the former World Champion of the division, he stopped talking. Now the first details emerge about the injury he had in the last fight of Fight Island. After falling defeated, he also showed how his face had been left by the blows of the rival.

After facing Robert Whittaker in UFC Fight Island 3, in what was without a doubt one of the most important fights of his career, Darren Till showed how his face looked. If he succeeded, he could demand a shot at the World Middleweight Championship. This is surprising to many, because it is nothing more than their second fight in the division. But, what he did at welterweight has earned him a quick boost in his new adventure. Now, you will see what you do after defeat.

“He has a tear in the medial collateral ligament of the knee. Doctors are surprised that he could stand on his feet for the past three rounds. It will be in the dry dock for six weeks and then it will be re-evaluated. Hopefully he will start to recover while immobilized, “said the fighter. With the injury, it’s also surprising that Till not only did he stay on his feet, but he continued to face a fighter as tough as Whittaker.

Darren Till post.

It should be mentioned that he hopes to be very active when he returns, although at this time it is unclear when he will be able to do so. “That week! I’m just reflecting on my chess game with Rob. I enjoyed the competition. I had some doubts and I should have capitalized. It was a very close fight, as everyone says. Did they have 3-2 in my favor, 3-2 in Rob’s favor? Either way, I feel like it’s completely correct !! The knockdowns of the fifth round may not have counted because I got up again each time, so I canceled them … », he reported Darren.

But I’m not going to cry for the spilled milk. Rob is an excellent fighter, I take my hat off for him. We will do it again. If it depends on me! I’m going to take some time off for my knee, for a certain pensona … Rob ?. I told you before the fight that I’m just getting started and I was serious. I am going to be World Champion. I will be a legend. I will become a role model for young fighters around the world. As soon as I get back this year I want to fight two or three times as fast as I can. Thanks for the support, thanks for the hate. Thanks for everything!! Israel Adesanya, see you soon !!! Thanks to my team, my family and my friends for the support. Especially Team Kaobon and MTK Global. The Gorilla … “, closed Till.

Darren Till - injury.
Darren Till – injury.

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