Hamilton won by suffering in a race that had an incredible ending

Hamilton won by suffering in a race that had an incredible ending

The Englishman took the Silverstone grand prize despite puncturing a tire on the last lap. Verstappen was second and Leclerc third.

When it seemed that the Formula 1 began to bore his fans, with the Mercedes Fully cut above and the rest fighting for points, the category gave away one of the best race finishes of recent years at the Silverstone GP in England, with tire punctures and a lot of suspense.

Little to comment on the development of the British grand prix, a couple of exits from the safety car due to Magnussen and Kvyat accidents before the equator of the competition, but then it was all very monotonous. Lewis Hamilton leading effortlessly, his teammate in Mercedes Valtteri Bottas escorting and Max Verstappen, by scandal the best “of the rest”, completing the podium with his Red Bull.

In between, the usual: the fight for points between Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Racing Point, with several overshoots and showing some of the action that fans of the highest category want but at the forefront.

Mediocrity seemed to take over Silverstone until, two laps from the end, the sports drama took over the track: first it punctured Bottas tire, which ended up leaving him out of the points. Verstappen, far from Hamilton, passed the Finn and took the opportunity to get into the pits to change wheels to try a last quick lap and add the extra point for the record.

But of course, no one at Red Bull imagined that the other Mercedes, that of the unreachable Hamilton, was also going to suffer a puncture in his left front tire on the last lap. The English managed, with handling, to reach the goal before the Dutch managed to reach it. Red Bull’s bet ended up going wrong, although with the newspaper on Monday it is easy to say.

The one who benefited the most from Bottas’ disgrace was Charles Leclerc, who put Ferrari back on the podium through the window, with a car that clearly is not to compete with Mercedes and Red Bull. Another who also punctured a wheel at the end was Carlos Sainz, who was fourth with his McLaren when he suffered a technical malfunction, leaving that position to Daniel Ricciardo and his Renault.

Incredible finish at Silverstone with victory for Hamilton, who leads the championship with 88 points, 30 advantage over teammate Bottas, while Verstappen completes the podium with 51 units. Next week F1 will race again on the British circuit in what will be the GP for the 70th anniversary of the competition.

Photo: Peter Fox / Getty Images

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