He dreamed of being a cook and is a possible star in the UFC: Kevin Syler’s hopeful story

He dreamed of being a cook and is a possible star in the UFC: Kevin Syler's hopeful story

When Kevin Syler He was a preteen, one of his cousins ​​teased him, but he never imagined that he would end up on the road to UFC. He said “Bullet Boy”, but he did not do it maliciously, but with the intention of joking. Everything happened in the context of the complicity and trust that usually exists between family members. I called it that way not because Kevin go fast, just the opposite. He said it ironically, because the boy summed up something different. “It’s a funny story, ha ha. His intention was not to give me a compliment, but a mockery, at first. As a child, I was chubby and slow. It was not good for sports, “he said.

He gave me that nickname sarcastically, to highlight the opposite. When I started fighting and started to become faster and more athletic, I replied: ‘Now I am the bullet boy’. He killed himself with laughter. I think you don’t put your own nickname. The joke is that someone else does it and one decides whether or not to go, “said the fighter, who is now 27 years old. Thus, it is the maximum benchmark for Bolivian mixed martial arts (MMA) in Florida, United States. The boy grew up and defined his path, too. There are no longer doubts about his talent.

His life changed completely

In just a few days, the Santa Cruz will have the combat for which he was preparing with a lot of discipline. She will face her great chance to qualify and enter with everything in the field for which she has always waited: the major leagues of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Her most cherished dream is to win a contract with Dana White. He is in Florida, where he has lived since 2012. The fight, which will take place on August 4 in Las Vegas, generates not only the feeling that anything is possible, but the responsibility to continue showing that Bolivians must get rid of the idea of that limitations are bread of the day.

Kevin Syler.

Well he made it clear at the end of the meeting he held in July 2019, when he defeated Lawce Lawrence by unanimous decision in the Dana White´s Contender Series. On that evening, Kevin he became the first Bolivian to achieve a victory within the UFC. However, his weight played against him. For 2.94 kilograms, he could not access the contract with the American businessman, who chairs the company. This, despite the fact that the American was amazed with his performance in the octagon. This time, Kevin He has the chance of his life again. To do this, you need to pass the classifying instance. “I’m fine, with high spirits, diet and training in order. I have been preparing for this opportunity for many years, ”he said.

About to fulfill his dream

In simple lines, he values ​​the moments in which he is with his family, which makes him a humble fighter, interesting for UFC. “For me, there are few happier moments than chatting with my cousin or nephews, enjoying a large steak, sharing a beer, wine or dessert. As for the sad thing, my father’s death has been very difficult. When I moved to the United States I had a hard time too. He was very small. We don’t give up. It is not easy to win us, in that sense. We don’t get tired. We always fight until the end of the bell, “he stressed.

Kevin Syler turned 27 in these hours. She lives in Florida, United States, since 2012. She just moved there with the dream of succeeding in. UFC. He trains at the American Top 10 academy on a sustained basis throughout the year, regardless of whether he has a close match, as mixed martial arts is his life. “We are all flesh and blood, no matter where we come from, race or color. What matters is the dream ”, he explained, focusing on what he will pursue.

Kevin Syler.

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