Pisculichi: “I have a dream to return to River”

Pisculichi: "I have a dream to return to River"

The former millionaire player left the door open for a possible return, although he assured that “it is a difficult moment.”

During his stage in River, Leonardo Pisculichi He earned a place in the millionaire pages thanks to the titles he obtained in the set of Marcelo Gallardo. This time, the steering wheel of Burgos He expressed his desire to return to the cast of Núñez and took the opportunity to dedicate praise to El Muñeco.

“It would be a dream to come back. I know it is a difficult moment and it is not in my hands, I understand. We have to renew ourselves and have good players again. River is doing well. Gallardo has an enormous capacity to reinvent himself in each championship, and it becomes more difficult, “said the midfielder in dialogue with Desde la Cuna Tandil.

In turn, the 36-year-old footballer reiterated his desire to return to the Band. “I cannot promise anything. I have one more year in Burgos. I am already grown up and, even if I wanted to, it is not the best time to return. Although my dream is that. I am clear that I already had my moment in River and it went well for us As a team, we leave a great footprint, “he added.

For his part, recalling the squad he formed, he stressed the importance of the River manager: “He has a great eye for understanding and forming a group, and transferring all that to the field. If we did not get along well on the field, Everything came to nothing. The groups that Marcelo put together were incredible and were demonstrated. “

Finally, Piscu stated that he still has contact with his former colleagues in the River Plate scene. “I keep talking to Ponzio, Mercado, Vangioni and Maidana. Now, I was able to meet up with Marcelo Barovero in Burgos. It is very comfortable to have him as a partner again and I know what he can do,” he closed.

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