Danny Rose wants to play again in front of Spurs fans

Danny Rose wants to play again in front of Spurs fans

The winger who was left in the background in Mourinho’s consideration and who played on loan for Newcastle last semester made his love for Tottenham clear.

Danny Rose He confessed that he would love the opportunity to play in front of fans of Tottenham once again and you would like to complete your contract with the north london club.

The English left winger spent the second half of the season Premier League 2019-20 on loan at Newcastle United after the arrival of José Mourinho to replace Mauricio Pochettino as coach.

The 30-year-old told BBC Radio 5 Live that he felt “Mourinho had not given him as much opportunity as everyone who was on defense.”

Rose has a bond with the Spurs until June 2021 and told The Second Captains podcast that she did not give up hope of resurrecting her career in the Champions League finalist last season.

“I want nothing more than to play one more time in front of the fans. I would love to. My last game for the Spurs was a loss to Liverpool and at the time, I didn’t know that that could be my last game with Tottenham,” said the lateral born in Doncaster.

Rose was linked to a transfer to Manchester United, among other clubs, when questioning Tottenham’s ambition during a 2017 interview with The Sun. However, he has words of praise for his club.

“They have always been good to me. Possibly I have given them reasons in the past why they were not so good to me, but they know that when the time came for the game I gave everything for them. I will continue to do so as long as I have a contract with Tottenham. I will say it again : I would love nothing more than to play one last time for Tottenham and simply to be able to say goodbye and thank them, for everything they have done for me, as a person and as a player, “he said.

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