Everything makes sense! Epic images of Edmen Shahbazyan training with Ronda Rousey

Everything makes sense!  Epic images of Edmen Shahbazyan training with Ronda Rousay

Edmen Shahbazyan He was undefeated at a professional level (11-0) and has had a brief rise over the octagon, thanks to three wins by completion in the first round. That was exactly what led him to the stellar encounter last weekend, where he met the faces with Derek Brunson. In a controversial fight, he was knocked out by his rival and ended up in the hospital, where they had to put several points on his cheekbone. Now, don’t lose hope and keep fighting.

After falling out in the fight he could change the course of his career. Shahbazyan, Cynthia Vance He shared some images never seen before. The videographer who accompanied Ronda Rousey During two of his camps when he was at his best, he dusted from his archive photos of when the fighter was barely 16 years old. There, which was known, he trained alongside Edmond Tarverdyan and the renowned fighter who ended up going to WWE.

Derek Brunson found himself against a promise from UFC, Edmen Shahbazyan, the one who clearly still has to practice to succeed in the biggest MMA company. After a good first round, which almost ended by a knockout in the last second, the second round was for him. When Herb Dean had finished the contest, the bell saved the rookie. Despite this, the start of the second round was the same as the end of the first round. Brunson’s lethal blows and a great victory over Shahbazyan.

Ronda Rousay.

“I was very fortunate to be the personal videographer for Ronda Rousey for two of his camps when he was at the top of his career and I remember that Edmen Shahbazyan I was in almost every training session quietly in the corner. He must have been 16 years old here, ”was what Cynthia Vance wrote in her publication, where she showed several photos of both. Undoubtedly, this quickly went viral, which hinted at the power of Edmen in UFC.

Many believe that Shahbazyan perhaps it’s the best project that Tarverdyan has worked on after Ronda Rousey. She has never missed an opportunity to attribute some of her success in UFC to his close relationship with the former champion, who retired from the sport in late 2016. After her humiliating loss to Amanda Nunes, the now WWE wrestler decided to end her career inside the octagon. Although she stated that she will not return, some are still excited to see her once more in the cage.

“I saw her prepare for her fights. It helped me a lot to have her by my side and see her rise to the top. That is an advantage that I will have in the future. It’s great and incredible to have a name as big as her representing me. I see her as an older sister. I’ve known her from a young age and it’s great that she’s doing this with us. Ronda and I are always in contact. We talk constantly and it is always motivating to receive your advice. Every time he comes to town we see each other. It was also motivating to see firsthand everything she did. It is an inspiration to me, “she said. Edmen on Round.

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