Exceeded the limit! Dana White about to fire Dan Hardy from UFC

Exceeded the limit!  Dana White about to fire Dan Hardy from UFC

One of the last great controversies of UFC came when the commentator Dan Hardy He yelled at referee Herb Dean to stop Francisco Trinaldo’s fight (26–7) with Jai Herbert (16-2) at Fight Island 3. Everything could have been there and they both solved what happened behind the scenes but each made statements public that made everything explode. And now Dana White He warns the analyst, or anyone else who performs a similar act, that he could be fired. The president said so during a recent media conference (via BJPenn.com).

During UFC Fight Island 3, one of the grossest refereeing errors so far this year occurred, after Herb Dean didn’t cut a flurry of punches. In the most important of the Preliminary Card, Francisco Trinaldo achieved his first victory for TKO in more than two years, by knocking out ex-lightweight Cage Warriors champion Jai Herbert. This was so in the third round, but the referee of the contest was the one who took all eyes, especially that of Dan Hardy, former wrestler of the company.

Massaranduba connected a good blow that hit Herbert’s forehead, who, in what seemed like a late reaction from his body, was lying on the canvas seconds later. The English seemed finished to the point that Trinaldo chose not to continue hitting him, but, for Herb Dean, the fight was not over yet. With the referee unwilling to stop the action after what was a very ugly knockdown, the 41-year-old veteran was forced to deliver four more shots to be made official as the winner.

Dan Hardy vs Herb Dean.

Dana White’s words

“Something happened last night also in Abu Dhabi, when Marc Goddard was pushed. I want to make this very clear: if you work for me and you approach a judge or a referee or any type of official, I will fire you. You will lose your job. You will never work for me again if you do that. No one can approach them. You can criticize the judges, the referees, if you disagree with a decision or something like that. We love Dan. He was moved », was what he started saying Dana White.

To close with his sayings, the president of UFC He stated the following: “The problem is that now it is much easier to interact with everyone. From the fighters to the referees, through the media, with everyone. But if you work for me and approach an arbitrator, a judge or any official, I will fire you that very night on the spot. It will never happen here again. ” White He warns everyone, taking as an example also what happened a few hours ago with the fighter who pushed Marc Goddard, MMA referee.

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