Gasquet: “What is happening in Palermo is a scandal”

Gasquet: "What is happening in Palermo is a scandal"

Tennis, after the stoppage of the professional circuit due to the coronavirus pandemic, returned but with headaches. A player tested positive for a covid-19 at the WTA tournament in Palermo and this caused a reaction from some colleagues. One case is that of the Frenchman Richard Gasquet. who considered a scandal what is happening in that event in Italy.

The Frenchman, former ATP World Top 10, gave an interview to L’Equipe, from his country, and was very critical of the WTA and the organization of the Palermo tournament, where the identity of the tennis player who tested positive was not revealed.

“It is an absolute scandal what is happening in Palermo. It is inadmissible that the players are housed in the same hotel as the tourists. I do not know how the WTA accepted this. The hotel should be reserved for the players and their technical team. If not you can achieve that, you have to suspend the competition directly, “said Gasquet.

“It is scandalous that the players are in permanent contact with other clients of the place. It seems crazy to me and I hope that in New York this type of thing does not happen. I hope that in the US Open much more drastic measures will be taken,” said the Frenchman. .

For him, the situation of the circuit is in serious trouble: “There will be many tennis players who are affected by the fact that there are very few tournaments this year, but if neither the US Open nor Roland Garros is held, everything will be much more complicated. Tennis is not only a sport, it is also business and without tournaments it means having significant losses of money. All players have to respect the rules and not leave the hotel or the venue. “

Meanwhile, Gasquet confirmed his presence at the US Open: “If the tournament confirms that it will be played, I will travel to New York. I think the most dangerous thing is the plane trip. If everything goes well, I think that within the bubble they are trying to arming would be less risky than in France. It’s not nice to be locked up in a hotel for three weeks, but it’s what it’s about. The important thing is not to endanger anyone while the tournament is taking place. “

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