Loffreda: “It is an immense joy to be close to Los Pumas again”

Loffreda: "It is an immense joy to be close to Los Pumas again"

After 13 years, Marcelo Loffreda returns to the UAR. This time it will not be as a coach but as the Sports Manager of Los Pumas, accompanying head coach Mario Ledesma. He left his role as Director of the Game Area at the URBA, which he had since 2015, and all his guns will point to the 2023 World Cup in France.

“I thank Mario (Ledesma), the staff and the UAR authorities for the proposal to accompany the Los Pumas team in this new stage. On the one hand, it is a pride and an immense joy to be close again and collaborate in caring for what this shirt represents, and on the other, an enormous responsibility for the history that precedes it. I hope I can help in that, as we often say, this shirt can be left even higher than what we found it, “he said in a statement issued by the UAR.

And he added: “I have full confidence in those who lead the team, in fact, I know them and have trained them all, and I already have great confidence in the excellent players who make up the squad. I am very happy that Mario has summoned me and considers that from this new role he can contribute what we all think and aspire to, which is that Los Pumas play better and better ”.

“Finally, to tell you that I will try to continue the good work done by those who came before me (José Santamarina and Chalo Longo), which is fundamentally transmitting with special dedication the culture and sense of identity that it means to wear the Los Pumas shirt,” he signed.

At the same time, about his time in the Buenos Aires Union, he declared: “I want to thank the URBA for everything, President, Secretary, Council and workforce. There have been several years in which, thanks to the support of all, we were able to develop and organize various projects, from training, dissemination, as well as in the different areas of the Game, autonomously and very successfully. I have no doubt that continuity will be maintained with the excellent team that I have had to lead. ”

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