Marcelo Loffreda, profile of a rugby man

Marcelo Loffreda, profile of a rugby man

Marcelo Loffreda is the new Sports Manager for Los Pumas. It will be the return to the Argentine team of the former coach whose last link with the Union had been in his position as head coach from 2000 to 2007, when he achieved the remembered third place in the 2007 French World Cup.

As a player he debuted on May 8, 1977, in a 4-0 SIC victory over St. Louis, with a try by Hugo Shaw, for the sixth date of the Zone Location First. Subsequently, he retired in 1996 after falling to Hindú 27-23 in the semifinals of the Nacional, coincidentally the last title that the Tano he enjoyed as a player of the Boulogne team (he was Champion of the National Clubs in 1993 and 1994). In addition, it was consecrated with the title of the URBA Tournament of 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1993 and 1994.

On his way as a player for Los Pumas, he represented the team on 79 occasions (46 test matches, provincial and South American matches), but curiously, he never starred in a World Cup. One of the moments of greatest joy was at his 35 years, on October 16, 1994, when in a hotel in Johannesburg, Loffreda was chosen as the top figure on the Pumas tour of South Africa.

His debut in the first team of the Argentine team was in 1978 against England XV, in the legendary stadium of Twickenham, while his last appearance as a player of Los Pumas was in 1994, against South Africa, in Johannesburg.

He also represented the Buenos Aires team, standing out in 1996 when he was the Argentine champion and enjoyed the historic victory of the URBA team against France by 29-26.

His coaching career began a year after retiring as a player. He assumed the SIC in 1997. That year he was champion and repeated in 1999.

The following year he was appointed as head coach of Los Pumas where he established himself, keeping the South American Rugby title from 2000 to 2007. After obtaining third place in the RWC of France 2007, he was hired by Leicester Tigers (England), however He did not have a good season and was fired a year later.

“The passage through Leicester was very traumatic at the transfer level and today I am looking for a little more tranquility. I also always stay close to the game, helping the San Isidro Club from wherever I can and need me. I also give talks and clinics,” he told her. Scrum back in 2009. He did not coach any team professionally and always helped the SIC wherever he could.

In June 2010, the High Performance Subcommittee appointed him as National Director of High Performance Rugby, a position he held until early 2011. During that period, Loffreda’s functions consisted of coordinating and supervising the different areas of High Performance and National Selected.

In the Buenos Aires Union, he began in the 2013 season in the role of National Team Advisor, where he was in charge of proposing coaches and questions related to tactics and strategy. Two years later, the URBA Board of Directors elected him Game Director, a role he held until mid-2020. Now he will have a new challenge as Sports Manager of Los Pumas, with several of his former managers as coaches and with the aim of transferring all his experience for a new global cycle that aims at France 2023.

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