To the operating room! Edmen Shahbazyan showed his face after defeat with Derek Brunson

To the operating room!  Edmen Shahbazyan showed his face after defeat with Derek Brunson

This Saturday, August 1, the action returned to the United States, with the UFC Apex of Las Vegas, an event that gained enormous expectations. Thus, the Americans received the event “UFC Fight Night 173”, which had several important names within the world of MMA. It was sure that they would star in several exciting combats. A total of 9 fights were held this weekend, being the spectacle of the middleweight division between Derek Brunson vs. Edmen Shahbazyan the star of the day.

Derek Brunson found himself against a promise of UFC, Edmen Shahbazyan, the one who clearly still has to practice to succeed in the biggest MMA company. After a good first round, which almost ended by a knockout in the last second, the second round was for him. When Herb Dean had finished the contest, the bell saved the rookie. Despite this, the start of the second round was the same as the end of the first round. Lethal blows from Brunson and a great victory over Shahbazyan.

I think two cubits more and the fight was over before. I spent four weeks without seeing my family and preparing for this. I’m really very happy and I showed what I’m on UFC. He was a good rival, but he was not close. I achieved what I came for. He was able to be a knockout in the first round, but the bell just ended it. Finally, in the second, I finished my work and took home a great victory. Now wait for what comes, “was what he mentioned Brunson at the end of the fight.

In the stellar of the event, Derek Brunson it looked like he had done enough damage to finish Edmen Shahbazyan by TKO in the second round. However, and despite the fact that the 22-year-old fighter lost consciousness for a brief moment, he did not finish. Dean, first consulting the doctor’s opinion at the foot of the octagon, authorized the Californian to continue fighting, which ended with him being finished 22 seconds later. Thus, he was once again in the eye of the storm. After that, the loser was shown on Instagram, with his face freshly cooked cheekbone.

“I think the doctor could have stopped the fight. First of all, the doctor looked inexperienced. I don’t know anything about the doctor, but I’ve never seen him before. I’m sure the referee must have thought that the subject was going to have time to recover. But what you shouldn’t do is talk to the subject for ten damn minutes while he’s hurt. Do you know what I mean? Either you stop the fight or you let it continue, but go away, “said Dana White, president of UFC.

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