Tickets to UFC! Dana White signed three new contracts from the Contender Series

Tickets to UFC!  Dana White signed three new contracts from the Contender Series

The fourth season of the Dana White´s Contender Series started this Saturday, which left very good fights and three new contracts for UFC. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the fourth edition was scheduled to begin on June 23. Postponed due to the pandemic, it was expected to premiere on August 4 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, until September and possibly until October. The expectation was very high and clearly covered any idea that was in the previous one.

Those chosen by Dana White for the UFC

Dustin Jacoby beat Ty Flores by unanimous decision

“I think I tried to find the finish very quickly and it may have been against me. I ended up a little tired and should have taken a little longer. Calm down. He was a very tough opponent, I really took my hat off for him. Flores is very hard and not exajero. Especially in the third round, he endured a lot. I didn’t want to do anything I didn’t need to. It is very durable, I hit it a lot and it did not fall ».

«I was already in UFC before and I am an experienced fighter. I came to this to return. I am very good with the fans, I am good for everything. Dana White, give me a chance and I will not disappoint you in UFC. I demonstrated a lot today and I have a big heart for what’s next. I am ready to have my contract with the highest company of Mixed Martial Arts ».

Jordan Leavitt subdued Luke Flores in the first round

“It is difficult to really explain. It is a great time for me. My life will change from now on and it is very exciting. I am very excited and excited about what I can give. I have a lot to give and I have no doubt that I will do it in the best way. Thanks Dana White for trusting me. I will not disappoint them. Very happy with this new victory. I am very calm, I do not get nervous before fighting. They told me ten days before and I only prepared to win ».

«I have very good triangles of arms. I knew that he was going to give me a chance to do it and finally it was like that. With a joke in my first fight as an amateur I made a move and from there I started dancing every time he won. I know I have a lot to give and that at some point I will UFC. If it is today, welcome. Otherwise, I will wait. I have no doubt that Dana White will have me there. I don’t really despair ».

Uros Medic defeated Mikey González by technical knockout

I’m going to need a couple of days for the tab on this to really drop. It’s very exciting. UFC he really treated me really well and this is crazy. It is a dream come true and I promise that I will not disappoint anyone. When they came looking for me, they were very good. All the help they gave me has been impressive. I have no words to thank everyone who trusted me.

«My first call will be for my family. I talk to them every day, despite the time difference. I’m going to call my brother. He is my best friend and I miss him very much (he cries). My family is everything and I really have no words to express what they give me day by day. They have always supported me and that is really what matters in this life. Thank you all”.

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