2006, the beginning of an invincible Hindu

2006, the beginning of an invincible Hindu

It was the beginning of an uninterrupted series of Hindu coronations. With the return of a prodigal son, the Noriega Duck, who returned to be champion from the substitute bank. Thus he beat Alumni 20 to 5, on Newman’s court and celebrated his third URBA title.

The Elephant won 21 games and lost only five during that season; exactly the same record that the other finalist, Alumni, had. Don Torcuato’s team added 865 points and received 556.

The “Fox” Francisco Díaz Bonilla was one of the great figures of the champion, since he supported 26 tries in 26 games. Meanwhile, Manasa Fernández Miranda was the great figure in the final, although injuries marginalized him from several matches that season (he only played ten games).

It was with these setbacks, when a youth appeared, who would ultimately be the champion’s scorer. Santiago Fernández took over the iconic number 10 jersey and was the scorer, with 194 goals (6 tries, 20 penalties and 52 goals). In addition, the champion was the most effective team, with an amazing average of tries, 4.70 per game (they supported no more and no less than 123 conquests in 26 games).

In Intermediate, the First Division final was repeated, but there was another winner: Alumni defeated Hindú, by 32 to 10, and in Pre-Intermediate, La Plata became champion by overcoming the SIC, by 27 to 23.

In the superior semifinals, Hindú and the SIC played one of the most exciting keys to remember, and those won by Don Torcuato by the smallest difference: 35 to 34. It was a key success for the team of the Elephant, who broke with the trauma of five lost semifinals. In the other playoff, Alumni was clearly superior to CUBA, which he defeated 34-6.

In the regular stage the scorer was Chino van der Ghote of Alumni, with 296 goals; followed by Marcelo the “Chelo” Bosch de Belgrano with 240 and completed the José Altube de San Luis podium with 239. For his part, Zorro Díaz Bonilla added 23 conquests in the qualifying stage, followed by Antonio Mazzoni de La Plata with 18 and Leonardo Casal de Banco Nación with 16.

The synthesis of the final

Hindu (20): Horacio Agulla; Santiago Senillosa, Juan Ignacio Gauthier, Hernán Senillosa and Francisco Díaz Bonilla; Juan Fernández Miranda and Nicolás Fernández Miranda (captain); Esteban Durand, Mateo Iachetti and Diego Liberato; Alejandro Castelli and Patricio Solano; Lucas Toro, Andrés Lo Bianco and Joaquín González. Coaches: Patricio Noriega, Daniel Diviesti and Jorge Pulido

ST changes: 34 ‘, Santiago Fernández by Juan Fernández Miranda; 38 ‘Mauro Costa for Liberato; 39 ‘Gonzalo Feijoó for Santiago Senillosa, Conrado López Alonso for Hernán Senillosa and Francisco Fernández Miranda for Nicolás Fernández Miranda; 42 ‘Mariano de la Fuente for González and Augusto Faraone for Lo Bianco.

Alumni (5): Santiago van der Ghote (captain); Martín Bottini, Martín Villanueva, Santiago Bottini and Guido Stefani; Ignacio Uriburu and Martín Braceras; Miguel de Achával, Juan Pablo Bianchi and Matás Aspiroz; Nahuel Neyra and Jaime Arocena; Daniel Ávalos, Javier Caratti and Alberto Vernet Basualdo. Coaches: Diego Wade, Hernán Ballatore and Maniel Aguirre.

ST changes: 19 ‘Tomás Passerotti for Uriburu, and 31’ Juan Rodríguez de la Torre for Aspiroz.

Points of the first half: 7 ‘penalty by Juan Fernández Miranda (H), and 22’ try by Gauthier (H).
Partial result: Hindu 8 vs. Alumni 0.

Second half points: 17 ‘try by Díaz Bonilla converted by Juan Fernández Miranda (H), 22’ try by, from Achával (A), and 30 ‘try by Díaz Bonilla (H).

Referee: Pablo Deluca.
Court: Cardinal Newman Club.

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