Cherry: “The results are fantastic, we are delighted with Simeone”

Cherry: "The results are fantastic, we are delighted with Simeone"

The president of Atlético de Madrid defended his coach, days before facing the Champions League quarterfinals in Lisbon.

Enrique Cerezo, President of Atlético de Madrid, referred to the Champions League, from the figure of Diego Simeone, Jan Oblak, Joao Félix, the VAR and the goals of the season for his team.

In addition, he commented that the mattress goals go through being in the top three in the League and reaching the quarters of the UCL 2019/20, while confessing to be happy and dream of a final victory for his team in Lisbon.

On the quarterfinal crossing in Lisbon against Leipzig, the top rojiblanco leader commented on Radio Marca: “Leipzig is an important team to keep in mind. Many times journalists say that it is easier, and sometimes it is the most difficult For us, the game of the season is Leipzig. We are well prepared, well managed and know what we want. Without underestimating anyone, because there is no small enemy. “

On Atleti’s bad luck in the Champions League finals, Cerezo listed: “I thought the third would be the one defeated, but in Milan we failed on penalties and the other team was right and they eliminated you. The first against Bayern Munich in Brussels look how it was “One minute was missing and a shot from midfield came in. And against Real Madrid in Lisbon, in the 94th minute they score a goal and tie us, and then lose in overtime.” He added: “All the ills and pandemics we have already passed in the finals. We are going to try to beat the Germans now and if possible, reach the final.”

Regarding the journalistic criticism that Cholo receives, the president of Atlético was forceful: “I explained it a thousand times. We hired Simeone years ago. I cannot question Cholo. He plays as he pleases and as the results are fantastic, we are delighted with him. In Spain nobody is used to having a coach 8 years old. And what he has left. What do they criticize that Simeone earns a lot of money? We can criticize what some journalists charge in some newspapers. Some journalists do not like how they write and I don’t read them. What do they criticize Simeone? That they criticize him and that we continue to win and that we are 8 years in a row in the Champions League. Criticizing the evidence is very difficult. “

Regarding the contractual situation of Jan Oblak and the offers that come from the Slovenian, he stated: “Oblak has a contract and, to my knowledge, until now the contract is in force. And therefore, the contract is to fulfill it and is signed with Atlético de Madrid. ”

And about the rumors about James Rodríguez, he said: “James Rodríguez? No idea. I do not think that now is in the plans of Atlético de Madrid right now the truth. “

About the figure of Joao Félix, Cerezo explained that much is expected of him, but you have to be patient: “Joao Félix is ​​20 years old. You have to wait to see how he develops. Another thing is criticism or that we believe that as 120 million have been paid, the next day he will win the Champions League, ”he said.

About the VAR and the refereeing controversies, Cerezo once again said that he did not like it: “I don’t like the VAR because it takes away the essence of football. Stopping a game 10 minutes to see if it is a goal or not a goal … in the end it depends on a Can it be more fair? Sometimes yes, but other times it can be unfair because a play is repeated 14 times and it is not known what is charged. Before we had a problem, the referee. Now we have three problems, the referee, the VAR and the one who runs the VAR. “

Photo: Julian Finney / Getty Images

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