Emiliano Martínez: “I will not stop until I reach the Argentine National Team”

Emiliano Martínez: "I will not stop until I reach the Argentine National Team"

After winning the position at Arsenal and lifting the FA Cup, the goalkeeper wants to wear the Albiceleste diver. “I need to keep playing,” he acknowledged.

For almost 10 years, Emiliano Martínez wait for your chance to show off in Arsenal. Perhaps when he returned from his last loan from Reading, in mid-2019, he thought that this could be his season. That luck, this time, would smile at him. And although the COVID-19 pandemic initially overshadowed his dream, the injury of Bernd Leno opened the door for him to win the place under the three sticks in the restart of the Premier League.

He has appeared in the last matches, not only did he get the position for which he waited so long, but he was also an essential part in the consecration in the FA Cup against Chelsea. But “Dibu”, as Pepe Santoro nicknamed him in his brief stint at Independiente, is not satisfied and now asks for a clue in the Argentina national team.

“I went to Europe not only to succeed there, but to reach the oldest. It is something that I promised my family and I will not stop until I get it. I know it is difficult because there are great archers, but I trust my qualities and I know I can get there, “Martinez said on Fox Sports. “I fought Cech, Ospina and Leno, I can fight anyone. I am like that,” he added.

However, he recognized that what he needs most is the continuity that, until now, he could not have in the Gunners: “I did not speak to the coach or the club, but I need to continue playing. My idea is to play, keep growing and not I can play Premier and different competitions and I hope to continue playing as many matches as possible. ”

“Until this season I played 23 games and since Leno was injured against Brighton I played 12 and won nine. It was a very positive thing, which obviously could not ask for anything better,” he analyzed in dialogue with CNN.

In Argentina, he is not identified with any particular team, but it is known that he is a fan of Rojo, the club where he made almost all the inferiors. “It is difficult at the moment to think about the return because I am on the rise in my career, I am at my best moment. I want to get there when I am at a high level, at 34 or 35 years old, and that I only have to put the T-shirt. I want to compete and come to do it well. That is why today I cannot guarantee it, “he said.

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