It makes history! Yeimy Ariza is the first female referee in MMA and many ask for it in the UFC

It makes history!  Yeimy Ariza is the first female referee in MMA and many ask for it in the UFC

The Colombian referred Yeimy Ariza inadvertently became part of the history of Mixed martial arts and it could come to UFC. Aside from joining the analyst panel of MMA For Brave’s season in Win Sports, she will be the first woman to referee a fight in the Brave Combat Federation during Brave CF 26. This is the fastest growing company in the world. Therefore, she knows that it is not easy to stand out in a sport like this and that her achievements with her can put her in a better position worldwide within her profession.

“In Latin America the development of the commissions of MMA. However, around eight years ago, after enduring as a competitor the failures we had and the need to organize, I began to form the commission in Colombia, of which I am currently the leader. This commission is even endorsed by the sports ministry ”, was what he started saying Ariza. While you’ve already accomplished something huge, you want to go through everything and get to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Brave, who has held two events in Colombia, recently debuted with great success on the sports network Win Sports. This being the case, now it has gone from being broadcast Saturday and Sunday, to being part of the daily programming of the sports channel most watched by Colombians. “In 2016 I was in the UFC Las Vegas Fight Week as part of an international group of officers. I met Marc Goddard, who has become my mentor, and who has personally guided me in this difficult job, not only as a judge, but as a commissioner in my country, ”he added.

“In Brave 26 I had to deliver justice in three bouts. When I got out of the cage I was interviewed and I was surprised. I was then told that I was the first female referee at Brave CF. That for me is an honor and a pleasant experience ”, the referee also explained. Ariza He has eight years of experience as a judge of MMA, with international certifications of judgment, arbitration, sports training from IMMAF and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). In addition, she is a founding member and national commissioner of the Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts (OCAMM), an entity affiliated with the IMMAF.

Now a TV analyst, Ariza He believes that all experiences simply serve to contribute to the growth of sport in the region. “(Being a commentator) is a new and different experience. We want more events like these in Colombia, because only then can it be massified. We want to get to know the company (Brave CF) and also the sport. This is the only way to grow “, he concluded Yeimy. Although there is still nothing said, many ask for it in UFC.

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