Quite an entrepreneur! Conor McGregor Could Leave UFC For His Millionaire Irish Whiskey

Quite an entrepreneur!  Conor McGregor Could Leave UFC For His Millionaire Irish Whiskey

The Irish fighter of UFC, Conor McGregorDespite his inactivity, he remains one of the highest-paid fighters in the world. Beyond not having seen action last year, “The Notorious” remains one of the most sought-after, ranking 16th on the Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes of 2020. Clearly, in addition to showing it within the octagon , will be remembered as one of the most mobilized athletes on the planet. Now, he added a millionaire business to his life.

Eire Born Spirits is what Conor It has obtained a commercial value of $ 200 million euros. This was reported in a recent transaction. That is why surely he would never have to return to MMA, since the Irish earn more money with his drink Proper Twelve. According to a report by Independent.ie, where it reveals that the aforementioned company, owner of the McGregor’s Whiskey, made a millionaire move. He obtained a staggering amount in euros, in a recent transaction with the Mexican tequila company Jose Cuervo.

Sean Pollock of Independent.ie reported that the owner of Jose Cuervo Tequila, Becle SAB de CV, spent € 58.3 million when he acquired an additional stake of 29 pieces from Eire Born Spirits. Compared to heights of sight, José Cuervo’s Tequila is the best-selling in the world and the owners have a combined net worth of $ 5.1 trillion. Now, the Conor bottle is starting to get into the big leagues and very quickly. In addition, they assure that it is of an enormous quality.

Conor McGregor – Proper Twelve.

No need to fight anymore

Former lightweight and featherweight champion of UFC, has seen action once in the past 12 months, but the Irishman was reported to have earned $ 32 million for his TKO win against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246. “The Notorious” added another $ 16 million to his bank account for guarantees, according to Forbes, so its annual total was $ 48 million. Taking into account that his career started very low and without anything he has today, he showed a clear example of perseverance.

That is why a week ago, on his birthday, McGregor It boasted a spectacular Jacob & Co Astronomy Casino watch valued at more than 544,000 euros. Nothing cheap. In turn, the fighter was recorded a few days ago on top of his new Lamborghini (valued at approximately 350,000 euros), with which he traveled at full speed through the streets of the French Riviera, where he was enjoying a vacation with his partner . So, without even showing up inside the cage, he keeps making millions.

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