The chance to explode! Sean O’Malley prepares for the tough fight with «Chito» Vera

The chance to explode!  Sean O'Malley prepares for the tough fight with «Chito» Vera

One of the stars with the highest exposure in the last 2 years, Sean O’Malleyhas plenty going for him to compete for the bantamweight gold of the UFC. With an undefeated record of 12-0 and 5-0 record, defeating fighters such as José “Teco” Quiñonez and Eddie Wineland in their last two bouts, he is one of the most promising prospects. Thus, it stands out among the most experienced of the 135 pounds. The next commitment he has before him is August 15 against Marlon Vera. Not easy for either of them.

Sean started his career in UFC With a spectacular knockout at the Dana White’s Contender Series in 2017, he immediately showed his potential not only as a fighter, but also as a star. Aside from his exciting fighting style, fans were intrigued by his vibrant personality, curly hair, and colorful tattoos. Now also with a lot of art in his hair, he will be shown in a few days to continue keeping his name in the sight of all his fans.

“Suga” would be competing for the title right now if it hadn’t been for some health problems (an injury that kept him out of competition for a while) and problems with USADA. The anti-doping partner of UFC, added to the physical ailments, were the causes that forced O’Malley to remain on the sidelines for two years starting in March 2018. After his fierce start in Mixed Martial Arts, this problem hung him up and he had to wait a long time.

Sean O’Malley vs Marlon Vera.

The future of abos is defined

His ability to speak on camera and endure what he says with actions, are a combo that UFC he really likes it. Taking into account that despite being in position # 14 in the rankings, he ranks among the best. With one more win, he could drop significantly in the rankings, as everyone above him is going through negative or intermittent streaks. Only Aljamain Sterling is in positive shape, and could contest the title against Petr Yan in the coming months. Therefore, perhaps Suga would have a chance to face the winner of that contest.

The Ecuadorian flag of the UFC, Marlon Chito Vera, prepares in his last weeks to fight next Saturday August 15 against Sean O’Malley, with whom he had to fight the previous year. It was precisely because of a substance in Suga’s body that could not be given. The manabita will be facing the most important fight of his career and that can put him back in the ranking of his category: bantamweight. Since, after the last fall against the Chinese Son Yadong, he was removed from the first 15 places on the list.

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