Trilogy? Spicy message from Nate Díaz to Conor McGregor on Twitter

Trilogy?  Spicy message from Nate Díaz to Conor McGregor on Twitter

In a recent Instagram Stories post, Conor McGregor (22–4) explained how he could have been a winner in UFC 196. The Irishman kicked his opponent’s leg that could have broken it, but as soon as he realized it, he withdrew the attack. For this reason, he affirmed that if the referee had not done so, he would have stopped the combat. In response to this, Nate Diaz (20–12) had no mercy on him again and texted “The Notorious” on Twitter, which he later deleted.

First of all, it should be mentioned that the American eliminated it, which caused some controversy in this regard. If you are currently looking at their official profile, the tweet does not appear. However, from they recovered it before it did. With this message the “Stockton Slugger” does not say too much, but it does seem to indicate that he wants both to see each other for the third time in the Octagon next year. “Leave your cul *** sitting until 2021”, was what he expressed on the digital platform.

Right now both are retired, so they do not accept new fights. But obviously there has been a lot of talk about how they could make their next visit to the cage, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to meet again. It would not be for a championship, but perhaps the winner could choose one. Of course, when it comes to these two stars, the titles do not matter so much, but the pure spectacle. Diaz send, now you have to see if McGregor answer back. Little by little they may agree on this long-awaited trilogy.

There is hope for a third fight between the two

Days ago, Nick and Nate Diaz they mocked through the social networks of Conor McGregor, who was shown smoking marijuana on Instagram. The Irish champion, who recently turned 32, shared a clip of himself where he appeared to be using drugs while on vacation after his third retirement from UFC last month. In this way, experts on the subject, such as the renowned fighting brothers, did not miss the opportunity to laugh.

On the other hand, through his account on Instagram, he published a story with a message for Sergio Ramos, which had also been all the rage on virtual platforms. Now the brothers Diaz, who have always supported the legal use of marijuana, wasted no time responding to The Notorious on social media. Nick posted the video on Instagram and wrote “LOL”. He also left a comment on the post: “This fool doesn’t smoke weed.” NateFor his part, he posted the same video, which he subtitled “LOL”.

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