Courtois: “There is no point comparing myself with Casillas”

Courtois: "There is no point comparing myself with Casillas"

The Belgian goalkeeper analyzes how Real Madrid comes to the duel against Manchester City and the season in which he was the first white Zamora after Casillas.

Thibaut Courtois became the first archer to Real Madrid who wins the Zamora award for the least goalscored goalkeeper after Iker Casillas, but the Belgian refuses to be compared to the white legend who has just retired.

“Comparing myself with Íker seems daring to me and it doesn’t make any sense. What I’m thinking now is not how I want to be remembered when I retire, but rather being as useful as possible for my club, for my coach and for my teammates “I do not think of the after, I think of today, the next game. I always think only of the training that comes and the game that comes,” he said in dialogue with ABC.

Regarding the game against Manchester City for the return of the knockout stages of the Champions League, he analyzed: “We are talking about one of the great teams in the Premier League. City has been used to great fights for some time. I have always had very good matches there complicated, although I remember very well having won in that stadium by 1-3. My opinion is that we are going to face two very solid teams, with judgment and that we have things very clear. In that melee many things can happen. two great teams. ”

“Each game is a different adventure, nothing can be predicted or predicted. I have played hundreds of high-level games in my career and no two have been alike. Also, the details change the scripts. There are many details every five minutes, every three minutes, every minute. Any spark on the field can trigger a different story. We know what we have to do, which is to win and score at least two goals. This is the only important and sure thing. Then, the details of the game will suit you. leading to anywhere, “he added.

Courtois also praised the figure of Pep Guardiola: “Denying the dimension of Guardiola in modern football is irrelevant. He has shown a special sensitivity and has had the necessary ingredients to carry out his idea of ​​the game. All of us are in In the world of soccer we have a high concept of it and I see it as logical. “

Finally, he referred to the news of his compatriot Hazard. “Eden has been unlucky with injuries and suffered a lot. It is not because I am also Belgian or because I am my friend, but we are talking about one of the most special players that soccer has given in the last decades. Eden is one of world football cracks, “he closed.

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