Diego Costa: “We are going to give our lives to conquer the Champions”

Diego Costa: "We are going to give our lives to conquer the Champions"

The Atlético de Madrid striker gave him an interview on the club’s website and reviewed the red and white news regarding the match against Leipzig.

Diego Costa pondered the possibilities of Atlético de Madrid in the Champions League and he referred to the duel before Leipzig for the quarterfinals. Above all, the striker remembered the important role of the red and white fan.

“Atleti’s fans are the best in the world. Having them pushes us a lot and not having them around is negative. We do not have our people next to us, but we must ask them to be at home cheering and vibrating with the team. We are going to give our lives to conquer the Champions, “said the 31-year-old footballer in an interview with the mattress club’s website.

And he added: “Hopefully we will be playing this year and we will give them a joy. I would be happy to win the Champions League for our people. They deserve it more than we do. We cannot take away the illusion from people. People have that illusion and hopefully they Let’s make happy, but we have our feet on the ground. It will not be easy. We have a very difficult team, if we pass we will have another very difficult team and in the final, another very, very difficult, we know this and we have it clear “

Regarding the match against Leipzig, Costa states: “We will try to correspond with the people, get plugged in and have a great match. Hopefully it will turn out well for us. It is a unique match, very complicated. They have a great team, I usually watch the Bundesliga when I am in They play the ball very well and they know what they are doing. They have reached the quarters and they have no pressure. It will be a very difficult match. Anything can happen to a match, it will be equal. “

And about his physical recovery and his better condition after the Covid-19 break, Costa explained: “What we are experiencing now is a very rare situation due to the virus. I took the opportunity to get a tone, be physically better and not leave time I had to take advantage of the difficulties. I prepared myself to return, so as not to suffer injuries. There were many games in a row and I wanted to return well, to have a good sequence to pick up the tone physically. I have been looking for that for some time. “

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published by Atlético de Madrid in Thursday, August 6, 2020

Photo: Getty Images

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