Negotiations between Boca and Independiente are complicated

Negotiations between Boca and Independiente are complicated

The Red leadership put Marcone on the counter-offer to part with Silvio Romero, but the Xeneize rejected it and goes for the clause.

The Argentine soccer pass market is still dormant, a product of the coronavirus pandemic that has kept the clubs without activity since mid-March and awaiting the return to training, defined for August 10. With necessarily austere economies and without urgencies due to the suspension of the decreases, multi-team plan is to bet on their youth divisions , although two of the ‘big’ clubs continue the most important negotiation in recent days.

Mouth its mandate is to win the Libertadores Cup , of which only two dates of the group stage were played. For this reason, the leadership that has Juan Román Riquelme as a visible face has several players targeted to reinforce the squad; The situation of Independiente is diametrically opposite, with a dozen soccer players in conflict, many of them who asked for his departure and even threatened to go the legal way to achieve his release. And with this picture, they can both help each other.

After a series of virtual meetings between the leaders of both clubs and after mentioning several players as a bargaining chip, there is still no agreement between the offers and the counter-offers, so it is surely the footballers themselves who must tip the scales.

The first one that had been mentioned was Ivan Marcone , who was deeply relegated since the departure of Alfaro and the arrival of Russo, who considers him the third central midfielder of the squad, behind Campuzano and Capaldo. The drawback, logically, is what Boca paid just a year ago: $ 9 million, the second most expensive incorporation in history, behind the aforementioned vice president in 2007. But, among the positive factors is that already He admitted to being a fan and that his dream is to play in the Red and that, as occurs in practically all negotiations, who appears is Christian Bragarnik , who is far from having a good relationship with the Xeneize leadership and could thus remove one of his represented to take him to a much more comfortable place for him and where, coincidentally or not, he would replace another player in his troupe, Lucas Romero.

Silvio Romero He was profiled to be the player that Boca and River played in this recess, although he admitted not having received any official call. Determined to leave Avellaneda, he knows of the interest of both sides and although the Red did not want to sell it in the local market (its value would be 700 thousand dollars to sell it abroad and twice as much for an Argentine team), the story changed when being part of a mega exchange, to which you could add Cecilio Domínguez , but the Paraguayan not only has an offer from the MLS, but he also assumes freedom of action and therefore could not enter as part of payment. There is more? Yes, because Lucas Pusineri would need a new striker, which is why he consulted for Jan Hurtado but was quickly ruled out and proposed to Walter Bou , but was not satisfied.

How did the offers happen? First was Boca the one who proposed 1 million dollars for Romero , that the attacker resign a debt of 400 thousand dollars that the Red maintained, in addition to forgiving the 60 0 thousand corresponding to the debt for Pablo Pérez and 150 thousand of Sánchez Miño’s training rights and Bou’s loan. The counterattack from Avellaneda was to accept the numbers but that the loan is from, no less, Iván Marcone. And the Football Council headed by Román, which is not convinced to include the steering wheel in the transaction, rejected it.

What keys would open the trading chest? That Independiente make a parallel offer for the player that Pusi wants and that Boca directly convince Chino to execute the clause of 1.4 million dollars. Is the outcome coming or will chapters be added?

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