Pichot: “New Zealand was selfish and made a decision that involves us all”

Pichot: "New Zealand was selfish and made a decision that involves us all"

Agustín Pichot, ex-vice president of World Rugby, participated in an interview with Eden Park in which he spoke about the uncertain future of Jaguares and was very critical of New Zealand Rugby in relation to the decisions he has made regarding competitions and the teams that will be able to form part of them.

“New Zealand selfishly made a decision that involves all of us and we are all left to see what we do. We will return to the Vodacom era, but unlike that time, there is now a much bigger team. Marcelo Loffreda, Pancho Rubio and Mario Ledesma are involved, and there is a team at the UAR that has to make the decision. Before there were two of us who said ‘let’s try and play Vodacom’. We did not know what it was. Today, decision-making is very different, because there is a five-year Jaguar process. We asked New Zealand and South Africa what they are going to do in 2021, because we have only one team, ”Pichot began.

In this sense, the former scrum half and captain of Los Pumas, who is also one of the great references of Argentine rugby at the international level, added: “New Zealand makes that decision due to the pandemic, but it would be good to explain it. And it would also be good to see how the world rugby scene will be after the pandemic: the case of Fiji, Japan, Georgia and Romania. That’s where a conjuncture is born, since you have to see how the cards are arranged to see that the global project they were talking about is fulfilled. ”

On the other hand, he told Eden Park what his feelings are about the consequences that the global pandemic could bring: “This virus caused the entire scheme of world rugby to be broken. It will be a Six Nations of eight teams forever Because if an election was won because of that, if that is the reason why I lost, hopefully Fiji will develop playing that tournament. And also that they explain to Georgia and Romania where they are going to play. “

When asked about the future of the Argentine team that reached the Super Rugby final in 2019, Pichot said: “Today the Super League is in the same place, having a team in South Africa and testing or seeing an analysis of a team in Europe Given the uncertainty in which Jaguares is immersed, he also gave his opinion on UAR’s decision to allow its players to look for alternatives abroad, which he considered appropriate considering the context: “We are going to go to the 2011-2015 model. Player cannot play all year without resting and much less in rugby. Today we are going to fall into a hybrid again and unfortunately many are going to go to Europe. But they are going to have a problem with rest again. it was a domestic team only: it was one more step towards preparing and filming players who could not go to Europe. Today the question is: how do you go back to occupying that domestic part? “

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