Champion is his middle name! Scott Robertson’s incredible streak in Crusaders

Champion is his middle name!  Scott Robertson's incredible streak in Crusaders

Thanks to the Crusaders win over Highlanders 32-22 this Sunday, the Christchurch cast became Super Rugby champions for the fourth consecutive year, a mark as surprising as it is unprecedented. And one of the most striking data is that, from 2017 to today, the head behind the success was always the same: that of his head coach, Scott Robertson.

In June 2016, Robertson was appointed as the Crusaders coach, and from there, he still did not know what it is not to have the trophy in his hands. In the 2017 final, his team beat South African powerhouse Lions 25-17, becoming the second head coach in history to be crowned at SR in his freshman year (Dave Rennie had done it with Chiefs in 2012).

About a year later, on August 4, 2018, I was going to get it again. The victim? The same as in the previous season, although this time the result was more bulky (37-18).

His characteristic dances in the celebrations gave account of his way of living a two-time championship as head coach of the team in which he played between 1996-2003. But, far from being satisfied, in 2019, his team would once again prove itself the owner of rugby in the Southern Hemisphere. On that occasion, the decisive match was a 19-3 victory over Jaguares in Christchurch. He was already a three-time champion!

Many things changed in 2020 as a result of the pandemic that affected all the calendars of all sports globally. But there were things that were not changed, and the photo was the same again for the fourth time in a row: Scott Robertson surrounded by the colors of the Crusaders and the champion trophy in his hands.

The Christchurch team dominated Super Rugby Aotearoa from start to finish. So much so that, thanks to the 32-22 against Highlanders this Sunday, it was consecrated when there is still a date for the end of the tournament. And the numbers explain its success: it accumulates 28 points and, at the same time, it is the team that has the most points in favor (219) and the one that received the least against (148).

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