Friendship is everything! He fought just for his dead friend and gave a huge presentation

Friendship is everything!  He fought just for his dead friend and gave a huge presentation

In the contest that belonged to the stars, Baneil dariush he subdued his rival in a more than spectacular way and then celebrated for his deceased friend. The one who received the terrible submission was Maki Pitolo, the one that was lying on the canvas of the octagon. At UFC Las Vegas 6, the fighters of the preliminary matches started with everything, leaving a huge expectation for what followed in the day: the stellar fights. There it all started with a fantastic touch of the sleep button.

Weeks ago the regrettable news of the murder of Jahreau shepherd, veteran Bellator MMA fighter, at his birthday party. reported that he was stabbed last weekend in London, England, the night he was turning 30 years old. Clearly this has shocked the entire sport of mixed martial arts, considering its past in the various octagons. This being the case, these days have been mourning.

Bellator fighter Jahreau Shepherd murdered at his birthday party

Shepherd, known as The Nightmare, was celebrating his birthday with a barbecue with friends and family at The Black Prince Estate in Kennington around 10 p.m. Saturday when he was attacked. The Evening Standard reports that paramedics arrived on the scene but were unable to save Shepherd’s life, who was stabbed to death, “says the statement on the site mentioned above, which explains what happened to the former fighter.

Thrilling celebration

“The Nightmare,” as it is known in the MMA scene, had a record of six wins and only two losses in his professional career. Shepherd he was a true striker and he showed it in each of his presentations, in which he achieved five of those six wins by knockout. The fighter from the London Fight Factory agency was characterized by his pace, agility and aggression with which he went out to each fight. Trained by Jeremy Pettley, he participated in companies such as UCMMA, Fusion FC and Bellator.

I try not to cry, but it was all for him. I took the fight for the death of me Jahreau shepherd. I’m mad and really got the fight for it. It was fighting or doing something I didn’t want to. He didn’t deserve to die and have that done to him. But I did this today for him. I’m happy that I was able to get it. With the whole issue of the coronavirus and my friend, I really did not know what was going to happen today and I do not know what will come next, “he said. Darren stewart to close with the contest.

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