Nagelsmann acknowledges having been a candidate to lead Real Madrid

Nagelsmann acknowledges having been a candidate to lead Real Madrid

The young RB Leipzig strategist confessed that during the stormy days of 2018, after the departure of Zinedine Zidane, he was part of a “not very long” list to command the Merengue.

Julian Nagelsmann is one of the fashionable coaches in European football after his explosion in Hoffenheim, and having become the youngest coach in the history of the Bundesliga just 28 years old.

The German’s name sounded to make the leap to a big team, but he finally chose to continue his progression in the league of his country by moving to the bank of RB Leipzig, in which he showed a joyful game, tactically splendid and which gave him outstanding results; in fact, he is in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, where he will collide with Atlético de Madrid.

In an interview with Marca, the 33-year-old coach revealed that in 2018 and in the midst of the merengue storm on the bench, “we had phone calls, but in the end the one who decided was me. I thought it was still not the right step to go to Real Madrid”.

The Teuton also confessed that “I was one of the candidates and the list was not very long. For me, it was very important. I had a good talk with José Ángel Sánchez and we decided that it was still not the right step.”

Nagelsmann also points out that “we agreed that we could talk again in the future if Real Madrid needed a coach … and I was available.”

Praise for Atlético, his rival in the quarterfinals

The Leipzig coach accepts the favoritism given to the Colchonero in the quarterfinals and explains his reaction after the draw: “My first thought was: ‘Oh, a very strong team defensively.’ We will have to be a very solid block and have a lot of reliability in the front third to create goal danger. Also, we will need a lot of creativity in our first third and to have control. “

In addition, he flatters Cholo Simeone, his counterpart on the rojiblanco bench, saying that “Diego Simeone did a great job with many successes. It is a very large column that we have to drill and that we want to drill. He has a very established style of play that he has been preaching since He’s never been away from it for years. That’s impressive. “

And he added about the Argentine strategist: “Staying in a club for so many years is extraordinary. You have to have a gift for bringing people together. As a coach he does everything possible. He has a great aura, a lot of charisma. He has the ability to hypnotize women. people. His way of being is impressive. “

Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

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