Latest! They assure that Daniel Cormier will not retire and will fight against another UFC legend

Latest!  They assure that Daniel Cormier will not retire and will fight against another UFC legend

The heavyweight champion of UFC, Stipe Miocic, will face the former champion of two divisions, Daniel cormier, for the third time in the main event at UFC 252. Javier Méndez, who is DC’s coach at the American Kickboxing Academy, believes that the renowned fighter, who is considering retiring after the fight, could postpone his retirement for another fight. This would be against the light heavyweight champion, Jon jones. “I think the winner of this fight will stay with Jones,” the aforementioned told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

“I think that, because Jones showed interest in full pesos. If Jones showed no interest in that, that’s already different. Uncle Dana is going to put a lot of money in DC, he just won’t let it go. DC loves money. I think it will happen, ”explained Méndez. Jones and Cormier met twice in the Octagon, with Jon winning the first at UFC 182, and the second at UFC 214, but the fight ended in a “No Contest” due to a positive drug test from the current champion. Javier does not want to see Daniel retiring after next Saturday’s fight, but he won’t be surprised if DC agrees to a third fight with Jones.

Daniel Cormier disagrees with UFC ranking

“I want him to retire, I’m not going to lie to you. I want him to retire anyway, but maybe not in these weeks. I just know how the system works and what makes sense. When Dana says, “I know I should retire and that guy shouldn’t retire,” I know she’s thinking about something happening. It is the correct decision, in my opinion, “said the DC coach at this time. UFC 252 will take place next Saturday, August 15 at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I did not want to. I think the problem is that when I train I do it with 16 ounce gloves and I can move my hands in a different way and reach the guys when they are a little out of reach. I think that was the problem in the first fight. In the second I think that my knuckle got stuck in his eye, but it was not the finger, “he began by saying Cormier, one of the best pound for pound of all time, who has given a lot to talk about in his years as a professional.

To close with his sayings, Daniel He also reported the following in this regard: “I did not want to hit him in the eye. That’s stupid. Why should he? I don’t want to cause you long-term harm. I don’t want no boy to be unable to see. That’s crazy. One of my friends and co-workers has suffered it: Michael Bisping. I don’t want to see another guy have to deal with it. My eye has also been stung “. Thus, he was forceful against the critics.

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier.

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