Sarabia: “It’s a great opportunity to make history with PSG”

Sarabia: "It's a great opportunity to make history with PSG"

The Spanish midfielder already palpitates the crossing against Atalanta for the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Pablo Sarabia gave an interview to the website of Paris Saint-Germain and assured that the players of the squad are motivated to make history in the Champions League, in the preview of the quarterfinals that will play on Wednesday against Atalanta.

“It is a great opportunity. We will try to make it happen and make history with Paris Saint-Germain. I think now is a good time to do it. We have been focused on this for quite some time. We will have to be prepared,” said the 28-year-old Spanish midfielder. .

He added: “We will study our opponent thoroughly and perform well to make history. I think we are ready for this very important match. We are really motivated.”

“Atalanta is a good team. They showed that they can play, put a lot of pressure. Ahead they have great players who can score many goals. What we will try to do with our weapons and our football is to neutralize the strengths of our opponents and demonstrate our own,” Sarabia explained .

Leipzig or Atlético de Madrid await in the semifinals if PSG fires Atalanta, and Sarabia believes that the new Champions League format may favor the Parisian team. “We have adapted to the situation. It is unique because we are going to play all the games in one place, in a single match, which has never happened before. One of the challenges for all teams will be to adapt well. The more it is like this. , the more they will perform in the competition, “he said.

He added: “We just played two finals that were hotly contested. We tried to play our best football and stay together as a team. We also had to take advantage of our experience. Now we are naturally very motivated and full of hope for what will come next, that is, the Champions League. It is the most important competition, the one that everyone wants to win. “

Sarabia is happy with PSG’s preparation for the confrontation with Atalanta: “Little by little we have been improving physically. It is true that preparation is a long time, but we are improving little by little. We have gained confidence and accumulated playing time, which that has helped us to improve “.

“I think it is a good moment for us. We have to go step by step. We all think about Wednesday’s game. It is the game that counts now, the most important of the season,” he closed.

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