“Bayern do not play against a Bundesliga team, but against the best in the world”

"Bayern do not play against a Bundesliga team, but against the best in the world"

Arturo Vidal came out to testify with force and highlighted the power of Barcelona before meeting those of Munich in the semifinals.

The voice of the Chilean Arturo vidal appeared on stage for the press conference prior to the duel this Friday in front of Bayern Munich for the quarterfinals of the UEFA champions league, which will be a single match and will take place at the Da Luz stadium in Lisbon.

The imminent rival

“He was champion in the Bundesliga and won the Cup, but we are Barcelona and, if we do what we know how to do, we will surely pass. We will try to leave everything on the field.”

Play single match

“I like it, in Latin America it is played like this and it is very entertaining. The teams come out to show more. When there are two games, in the first one they get far behind and the show is not so good. Tomorrow it will be very nice.”


“I heard something but did not pay much attention, I know the Bayern players and what is being said outside is not what they think. Tomorrow they are not playing against Bundesliga teams but against Barcelona, ​​the best team in the world.”

The scorer to watch out for at Bayern

“Lewandowski is extraordinary, a tireless scorer; I spent three years with him and I know how he prepares. It is very difficult to compare Leo (Messi) with anyone because Leo is from another planet. Although (Lewandowski) is the best striker in the world together with Luis Suarez “.


“He has done very well since he was given the opportunity. He won two titles and I think he deserves to continue; Bayern are always favorites everywhere, I was there and felt it, but Barcelona is the best team in the world. We will see who He deserves it. “


“I don’t know if I deserve to be a starter, I think we all want to play and it is the coach who should choose to qualify for us.”


“I understand that the fans doubt. In La Liga we do not reflect our level and that is why we lost, but we have Leo (Messi) and other great players, that is why I say that we are the best team in the world and tomorrow we want to show it.”

Her future

“Today I am in Barcelona, ​​which is the best team in the world and it will be different from any other game.”

Photo: Francesco Pecoraro / Getty Images

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