The numbers in Djokovic's career, in detail

Over the years, Novak Djokovic made his way on the professional circuit and in the world of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to leave the Big 3 definitively formed. Adding titles and epic victories and wholesale feats, the Serbian became one of the greats in history, undoubtedly backed by numbers.

One of the fundamental points to take into account when counting is the successes in the Grand Slam, the four most important tennis tournaments. There, Djokovic, 33, has 17 (two from Nadal and three from Federer) titles and another 9 lost finals.

He has the largest undefeated series in Grand Slam with 30 matches between 2015 and 2016. He holds 282 weeks at the head of the world ranking, currently frozen by Covid-19 (3rd mark). And he has 5 years finished at the top (at the end of the year he could match Sampras with 6).

He has 79 titles (5th mark) of which 5 are from the ATP Finals (only one to match Federer).

Additionally, in Masters 1000, the nine-date series following the four Grand Slams, Nole has 34 cumulative (16 finals lost). One of the Spanish and six over the Swiss.

In team tournaments, Djokovic has an enviable new record. Just as she had the Davis Cup since 2010, she was joined by the rookie ATP Cup from January this year.

The thorn of the world’s number one is the Olympics. Bronze in Beijing 2008 has in Tokyo 2020 + 1 the chance. Your chance to be gold with all the letters.