De la Fuente: “I feel immense joy”

De la Fuente: "I feel immense joy"

After the return of Los Pumas to practice, the Jerónimo de la Fuene center shared his feelings: “I feel immense joy for this moment. Arriving at Casa Pumas, observing the field as it is and being able to see my teammates was spectacular. We have to realize that being training again implies taking this as an opportunity and that we must make the most of it. It is a very important step in this unusual year, “added de la Fuente, one of the players mentioned.

“We are very happy to be able to be training at Casa Pumas, it is a great satisfaction to be able to see the boys and meet again after almost five months of being in quarantine. Now we have to make the most of this opportunity, enjoying every minute of training in the face of the next challenges and understanding the reality that is presented to us ”, explained Bautista Delguy.

The players from Córdoba, San Juan, Mendoza and Chubut joined the practices today, while those from Tucumán and Santiago del Estero will do the same in training on Saturday.

List of called

1 Vivas, Mayco 2 Tetaz Chaparro, Nahuel 3 Wegrzyn, Federico 4 Montoya, Julián 5 Socino, Santiago 6 Ruiz, Ignacio 7 González, José Luis 8 Sclavi, Joel 9 Medrano, Santiago 10 Sordoni, Lucio 11 Zeiss, Juan Pablo 12 Paulos, Lucas 13 Calas, Ignacio 14 Fernandez Criado, Rodrigo 15 Toledo Valentini, Marcelo 16 Bur, Lucas 17 Bruni, Rodrigo 18 Lezana, Tomas 19 Ortega Desio, Javier 20 Gorrisen, Francisco 21 Grondona, Santiago 22 Montagner, Santiago 23 Pedemonte, Juan Bautista 24 González, Juan Martín 25 Oviedo, Joaquín 26 Cubelli, Tomás 27 Ezcurra, Felipe 28 Bertranou, Gonzalo 29 García, Gonzalo 30 Miotti, Domingo 31 Diaz Bonilla, Joaquín 32 Albornoz, Tomás 33 De la Fuente, Jerónimo 34 Moroni, Matías 35 Mallia, Juan Cruz 36 Orlando, Matías 37 Castro, Juan Pablo 38 Chocobares, Santiago 39 Cinti, Lucio 40 Boffelli, Emiliano 41 Carreras, Santiago 42 Delguy, Bautista 43 Cancelliere, Sebastián 44 Carreras, Mateo 45 Tuculet, Joaquín 46 Daireaux, Juan Bautista

Source: Los Pumas

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