Fernández Miranda in Scrum: the reunion at Casa Pumas, the new faces, the “Europeans” and more …

Fernández Miranda in Scrum: the reunion at Casa Pumas, the new faces, the "Europeans" and more ...

In an exclusive interview with Scrum, Nicolás Fernández Miranda touched on various topics … Among other things, the member of Mario Ledesma’s staff spoke of the reunion of the national team at Casa Pumas, the situation of the “European” players and the new faces on the list of 46 Next, a review with the 10 most outstanding phrases of the former scrum half of Los Pumas:

1- “The reunion was very good. I saw them all very happy. It is true that we are not as close as we would like because of the protocols, but it is nice to be a little more united. I saw very nice energy and a lot of desire to train and do things right. “

2- “The newest boys are really looking forward to it, and it really is a good opportunity for us to see players. It is important that the younger ones start to experience what it is to play in Los Pumas, wear that shirt. We see a lot of potential in them looking to the future. “

3- “We are going to prioritize whoever is best. In Los Pumas, those who you think are the best have to play, and in that sense, obviously it is open to any Argentine player who is playing anywhere in the world.”

4- “In an ideal world, the idea would be that three weeks from now we will have the chance to start doing normal rugby. We would like to play at least 4 games before the Rugby Championship, but these are things that do not depend on us.”

5- “When the Rugby Championship venue is official, by rule 9, all players should be allowed to go. All the boys who are in Europe really want to put on the Los Pumas jersey. Before signing and traveling, they always put the selected one as a priority. “

6- “That many have left, gives space to other boys to take that place and have the chance to compete. Competing for a shirt makes a different team. The distance, not spending so much time together and not knowing each other so much, It will give us a plus. “

7- “Marcelo Loffreda is going to help us a lot in organizing the team off the field. He is going to allow us as coaches to focus only on the game.”

8- “Those who carry the flag and the ideas of a team is not only one, but there are many. They are all very important and it is key that this begins to be fed back among the greatest, those in the middle and the smallest” .

9- “That rugby is returning in Europe is great to be able to start seeing those players who are part of the team on the field and to start drawing conclusions thinking about what is coming”.

10- “I was very happy with Super Rugby Aotearoa. As a coach you enjoy it but you are always seeing how you can improve, where you can get an advantage. I really liked the continuity of the game that I noticed.”

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