To sleep! Great knockout at the Dana White’s Contender Series

To sleep!  Great knockout at the Dana White's Contender Series

The main card of a new event of Dana White’s Contender Series left a lot to talk about, where a knockout stood out from the rest. The fourth season started a short time ago and Tuesday after Tuesday he explodes his best. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, it was scheduled to begin on June 23. Postponed due to the pandemic, it was expected that this August 18, in the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, set the bar high once again.

Knowing that there will be shows of these magnitudes every week, until September and possibly October, the expectation remains enormous. The fighters who have passed have already left a lot of emotion and even more is expected. Once again, he was featured with a lineup of rising athletes who were looking to make their dreams come true by impressing the agency’s president and earning a spot on the MMA top company list.

From a movie! Great night at the Dana White’s Contender Series and new contracts for the UFC

Thus, in this new episode of the spectacular event there was a knockout that caught the attention of Dana White and many others. Josh parisian he was left with a gigantic victory against Chad Johnson, who added a lot of experience, but could not do much. After getting a big blow to the chin of his rival, who went to the ground, took the opportunity to liquidate him on the canvas.

«I am very happy, I cannot explain how I feel after this fight. It is something different in every fight. I’m nervous, but I feel like I have everything to win every time I jump into the Octagon. It is a motivation for me all my family and others. I always think of them when I go out. I always have to keep pushing forward, no matter what. Hopefully I continue on this path, I think I’m doing very well. I think Chad is better than half of the heavyweight division they are in. UFC and I finished it in one round ».

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