Top 12 2019: SIC screamed champion for the last time

Top 12 2019: SIC screamed champion for the last time

Eight years had passed since the last SIC title. In that section, the team in the ditch had a profound renovation that took it away from the first places, but in 2019 it led the tournament from start to finish and was once again crowned champion.

There were 22 matches in which SIC, Belgrano Athletic, Hindú and Pucará fought for a place in the semifinals. In addition, on the last date of the regular phase, the tie between Newman and CUBA saved Villa de Mayo from direct relegation and left Cardenal unclassified.

In the Top 12, SIC was the most winning team, with 17 wins and the least losing, with only five knockdowns. Belgrano Athletic, for its part, was the most effective, with 720 goals in favor and also the one that supported the most tries, with 94 wins.

Boulogne’s cast lost the two classics to CASI: at home by 29-22 on the fifth date, and at La Catedral, by 16-9, on the sixteenth day. The other team that also beat him twice was Hindu (31-27 and 34-27). The fifth defeat was against the other finalist, who beat him on his court by 40 to 15. The SIC’s biggest win was achieved in Gonnet, beating La Plata by 55 to 24.

In the semifinals, those of San Isidro eliminated Pucará by 20 to 13, while Belgrano Athletic had the pleasure of leaving Hindú out by defeating him by 25 to 20. In the decisive match, SIC and Belgrano Athetic equalized in regulation time in 19 points. In the supplementary, they reissued Madero’s historic drop from 2011. The consecrating kick of over-plunging was this time by Joaquín Lamas who, through his success, gave the twenty-fifth title to the SIC.

Lamas, who entered for Granella in the final, was the champion’s scorer, with 226 goals. Juan Soares Gache supported eleven tries, Mateo Madero did so ten times and Andrea Panzarini eight times, among those who supported the most tries.

In the contest there were four players who exceeded 200 points, Gonzalo Gutiérrez Taboada (Newman) with 268; Joaquín Lamas (SIC), 226; Germán Klubus (Pucará), 209 and Santiago Fernández (Hindú), 203. Regarding tries, the podium was made up of Francisco Ferronato (Belgrano Athletic), 15, Luca Sábato (Alumni), 14 and Benjamín Gutiérrez Meabe (CUBA), 13.


SIC (22): Gastón Arias; Thiago Romero Basco, Carlos Pirán, Santos Rubio and Mateo Madero; Tomás Granella and Juan Soares Gache; Tomás Comissati, Alejandro Daireaux and Andrea Panzarini; Lucas Rizzato and Marcos Borghi (captain); Segundo Aguilar, Lucas Rocha and Marcos Piccinini.

Trainers: Santiago González Bonorino, Eduardo Victorica, Federico Gallo and Martín Schusterman.

Shifts, ST: Marcos Gatica for Aguilar; 7´ Ricardo Macchiavelo by Piccinini; 11´ Lucas Sommer by Tomás Comissati; 27´ Joaquín Lamas by Tomás Granella and, 31, Facundo Fernández Madero by Daireaux; 32, Franco Moneta by Gastón Arias; 34, Francisco Pachano by Lucas Rocha.

Substitutes: Marcos Rodríguez Gauxax.

Belgrano Athletic (19): Martin Arana; Juan Landó, Matías Masera, Fermín Martínez and Tobías Bernabé; Tomás Rosati and Ignacio Marino; Francisco Gorrissen, Julián Rebussone and Joaquín de la Serna; Leandro Magneres and Rodrigo Fernández Criado; Justo Durañona, Agustín Gómez Di Nardo and Francisco Ferronato (captain).

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Diego, Francisco and Luis Gradín.

Changes, PT: 20, Pedro Bugiani by Fermín Martínez; 7, Mauro Rebussone for Magneres; 22, Facundo Camardón by De La Serna; 27, Ignacio Favre for Durañona; and 29, Francisco Cubelli for Marino.

Substitutes: Mateo Etchecoin, Tomas Bruno and Rafael Migale

Points in the First Half: 10´ and 28´ penalties for Tomás Rosati (BA); 23 ‘and 39’ penalty and drop by Tomás Granella (SIC).

Partial result: SIC 6 – Belgrano Athletic 6

Points in the Second Half: 5´ and 12´ penalties from Tomás Rosati (BA); 9 ‘and 17’ penalties of Tomás Granella (SIC); 29´ try by Gastón Arias converted by Joaquín Lamas (SIC); and 40´ try by Francisco Ferronato converted by Tomás Rosati (BA).

Admonished: 33 ‘Andrea Panzarini (SIC).

Supplemental Time: 8´ drop by Joaquín Lamas (SIC).

Referee: Nehuen Jauri Rivero

Touch Judges: Tomás Bertazza and Martín Córdoba

TMO: Miranda

Court: Athletic Club San Isidro

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