All ready! After Jon Jones dropped his belt, the UFC named the suitors

All ready!  After Jon Jones dropped his belt, the UFC named the suitors

UFC It wasn’t long after Jon Jones officially vacated the light heavyweight belt to look for new contenders. The company has announced that it has booked Dominick Reyes and Jan Blachowicz for the vacant championship fight in UFC 253, September 26. It will be the penultimate fight of the night, which will be led by the middleweight with Paulo Costa and Israel Adesanya. The other two mentioned will use the event to seize the belt and claim dominance in the division, similar to how “Bones” did for most of the decade.

Blachowicz ranks third in the light heavyweight division of UFCwhile Jones kept hinting that he wanted to defend the title against him next. The ‘Prince of Cieszyn’ has won seven of his last eight fights since October 2017. He’s on a three-game winning streak since losing to Thiago Santos and clearly that’s a wave of momentum ahead of his first title shot at the ultimate MMA competition.

What will come next? Jon Jones vacated UFC light heavyweight title

Meanwhile, his own Dominick Reyes will have plenty of momentum as he heads to his second straight championship show. He challenged ‘Bones’ at UFC 247 and lost in what many considered a daylight robbery. The president of UFC, Dan White, blurted out that he scored the fight for Reyes. Many people shared this point of view. However, only the scores of three people matter at the end of the day, so Jon did enough to convince them.

It will be a great night

There were many calls for ‘The Devastator’ to have an instant rematch, given the circumstances of their first title fight. Now, he will have his chance and will look to back up his great performance from February. One fighter who will feel bad about this announcement is Thiago Santos. He suffered multiple injuries along the way, convincing a judge that he had beaten ‘Bones’ on the scorecards last year. He is in second place and will now work to fight the new light heavyweight king after UFC 253.

“We need to improve the judges in Texas. They are not used to the big fights of our sport. The commission’s leadership needs to see the mistakes they make and fix them. I spoke with other people who thought differently about that and we are not judges. The reality was that something went wrong there, but I can’t do anything about it. I understand anger and I know that it can be changed, so we will begin to solve it, “was what White said at the time.

Reyes vs Blachowicz.

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