New generation! The Cosce brothers already have their contract with the UFC and want to go for everything

New generation!  The Cosce brothers already have their contract with the UFC and want to go for everything

The fourth season of the hit show Dana White’s Contender Series had its third episode, which ended with four new contracts UFC. Once again, he was presented with a lineup of rising athletes looking to make their dreams come true by impressing the agency’s president and earning a spot on the MMA top company list. A new chapter of the fourth season took place on Tuesday, August 18. Almost all the winners made up the president, who already made them a link with Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Just like the Díaz, Nogueira brothers or others who have passed through the great leagues of Mixed Martial Arts, the Cosce, Orion and Louis, begin to enter their names in UFC. They won their fights in the third edition of the Dana White’s Contender Series and they got a link. Very good performances from both, who caught the attention of many lovers of this sport. Now, they assure that they have a lot to give in the maximum MMA competition.

Viral! He triumphed, rebuked Dana White and ended up with a contract in the UFC

His words

«I showed that I have a lot to give and I hope to get my contract with UFC. I am very happy with this new victory and hopefully Dana will see what I can leave inside the cage. My effort is huge day by day and that is why I am here today. I will not stop training and I will continue with everything every week to fight again. I am ready for when you need me. Hopefully it is in the highest category of Mixed Martial Arts, “he said. Orion at the end of their combat. “I was annoyed with what Dana White said, but I respect and thank her,” she said when she learned of her contract.

Similarly, Louis He said when he won: “I was training very hard for this. Thank you all for your support. I was not pressured by my brother’s victory, I was very happy and excited to get my own victory as well. I came with a mission and was able to complete it. The first thing I do is go out there and try to find the knockout quickly. He was very firm and tough, but I was finally able to do it. I realized on the first hit that the fight was almost over. Hopefully we both get the contracts with UFC«.

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