Sainz Jr .: “I can’t wait to see how it will go with Ferrari”

Sainz Jr .: "I can't wait to see how it will go with Ferrari"

The 25-year-old Spaniard showed his anxiety with a view to next season in the Prancing Horse, while he is in 2020 with McLaren.

Referring to 2021 above this year is natural when starting a conversation with Carlos Sainz Jr. It is that the 25-year-old Spaniard will change to a higher level with his transfer to Ferrari and that is a reality in which he already plunges himself and is aware of what he represents.

While he is studying 2020 aboard McLaren, with which he appears 9th in the drivers’ championship of the F-1 After six days and had his best result in Austria (fifth), the Madrid-born palpitated what will be his new experience, despite the fact that there are still several months of competition to go.

“Since my jump to McLaren, I had more pressure from the media and then a little more even, when I signed as a Ferrari driver,” reflected the man who took his first steps in the maximum of motorsport back in 2015 with Toro Rosso, in an interview with The Race.

In this sense, Sainz Jr. accepts the pressures that he had to live and the fact of feeling like the focus of the flashes because of what his surname means. “When you sign for a team like McLaren or Renault, you get that attention from the English and French media, so it’s something that has affected me in the past. At this point, in my sixth year in Formula 1, I know how to drive. this kind of thing, “he said.

Likewise, in relation to his arrival at the Prancing Horse, the Spaniard commented: “I am aware that I am the new one and he (Charles Leclerc) will have been with them for three years when I enter and he will know the car and the team very well. in this situation before. For example, at Renault, when I arrived with Nico Hülkenberg. I know it takes some time to get to know everyone and get the most out of the car and know how to build the team around you a little bit. “

In addition, regarding his evolution and the fact of thinking about being crowned one day, the Madrid native declared: “You have to be prepared for that type of scenario and I want to be in that situation. Of course, it is something that is in my mind, but It is something that all pilots who want to be world champions have to go through at some point … “.

“In Formula 1, everything takes some time and it is important to be in the right place at the right time. I hope I have made the best decision for the future. I am going to be part of an incredible team and I can’t wait to see how it will go with Ferrari and help as much as I can with my skill as a driver, “he completed.

Photo: Bryn Lennon / Getty Images

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