The impressive contract that Peige VanZant signed to fight without gloves

The impressive contract that Peige VanZant signed to fight without gloves

When Paige VanZant finished the final fight on her UFC contract, she was excited to really get a taste of free agency for the first time in her career. She signed her first contract with Dana White when she was only 19 years old, so she was never offered the opportunity to test the market with open wings to discover her true value in combat sports. Just a month after her most recent contest, she shocked the world by making the decision to sign an exclusive contract with the upstart promotion. Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

This is where you will put your MMA gloves aside and compete in one of the fastest growing, yet brutal competitions in the world. According VanZant, was familiar with the BKFC, but it was Sean Wheelock who helped her. “I had no idea that they would be such an important player in the game. Once I heard, talking to my husband, I thought I wanted to sign with them. We were still in that negotiation process, I had not really heard her final offer. It was more than what I feel they were offering me financially, “she said.

Clean fist! Paige VanZant will start fighting without gloves in a sport of the most feared

Not afraid of rough sport

“It was the opportunity that excited me. I’ve been a fan of his sport and it’s something I’m really going to be able to show off with my shots. If you look at my career in MMA, my biggest downfall has been my jiu-jitsu and my hit has been my passion. I’m very excited to show that, “he added to his sayings. The manager of VanZant, Malki Kawa, explained that his free agency brought in many promotional offers around the world. But, in a situation similar to that of Peige, he was informed that the BKFC he was making a serious effort to incorporate her into his organization.

“I represent Thiago Alves and that was another deal I made through one of the matchmakers [de BKFC] at Dean Toole, who owns Island Fights in Pensacola and I know Dean Toole very, very well. He called me up and said ‘hey, you should probably listen to this bare fist boxing offer to Paige‘and I said’ listen, this is not going to be a simple deal, we are not going to fight for [$ 100,000 y $ 100,000] And he was like ‘dude, just listen to the deal,’ ”Kawa said.

You will have a great agreement

“Finally, I spoke on the phone with [el presidente de BKFC, David Feldman] and David says it was easy to work with me. I’m just going to say that David was easy to work with. He is a promoter who understands it, understands it. I appreciated it from the beginning because there really was no nonsense, “added the agent. He further admitted that financial incentives are obviously excellent for the bank account of VanZant, but the deal with BKFC it will also go further. There are plans to use it in almost every aspect of the company’s business, including feedback and broadcast work.

“It’s a multi-million dollar deal and we’re not even talking about the sprinkles and cherries that go on top of the ice cream,” Kawa said, jokingly. “Dave made a very strong offer. It’s a four-fight deal, so it’s nothing crazy. It’s a four-fight deal and Dave and I sat down and planned these four fights on how they should look, when they should be, over the course of the next 16 to 18 months and I think if everything goes the way we expect to go between the three of us, PaigeDave and I, a billionaire will get even bigger than that, ”he closed.

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