Corey Anderson’s shocking tale after his heart stopped

Corey Anderson's shocking tale after his heart stopped

It is difficult to understand how a health problem that could have ended his career eventually led to Corey Anderson leave UFC and sign with Bellator MMA. It was far from a straight line between the three incidents, but this is how the former Ultimate Fighter winner can best describe the final months of his life. “It was life-changing,” he told MMA Fighting, following a medical emergency that began after his fight against Jan Blachowicz in February. “It makes you realize many things. This is how we ended up at Bellator, ”he dictated.

To understand how all of this happened requires a time travel to the night when Anderson suffered a knockout loss to Blachowicz in an event of UFC held in Rio Rancho, NM. Later, Corey He was obviously heartbroken by the loss, but he was already talking to his coaches backstage about what went wrong while the medical staff treated him.

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“We all saw that they knocked me out and I went back to see the commission or the health inspector. I remember sitting there talking to my coach about what happened and my eye is being stitched up, “he explained. “He had a small cut on his eyebrow. They did and my trainer and I are still sitting there because they knocked me out three times before and every time you have to do this whole test with your eyes, how many fingers [estás sosteniendo]What state are we in, what is your name, what is the year, different questions, “he added.

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“We’re sitting waiting and the guy turns around and says ‘you’re free to go’ and that’s it? Just the stitches? They gave me a note that said something like seven days no contact, but it wasn’t like usual. When you get knocked out, you have 60 days of doing nothing or 90 days of doing nothing. They didn’t tell me anything, “he said. Corey. Six days later Anderson He was exploring a field for a possible hunting trip when he remembers feeling lightheaded and lightheaded.

As he walked to the truck talking [con mi amigo], I remember it flipped me over. I reached out to grab his truck because it was unbalanced and the next thing I remember is that I woke up in the ambulance, the EMT is working with me and my wife is there and I am trying to find out what happened. You passed out, fell to the ground, and began to convulse. I was like what? I have a newborn son and my wife is leaving and we do not know what is happening, “said the fighter.

Initially, after a hospital stay, they told Corey who suffered a concussion and dehydration after walking through the woods for several hours. Another doctor gave him a much scarier diagnosis. However, Anderson reported that her heart stopped and the problems ran much deeper than a simple head injury. “Sure enough, he opened a whole new can of worms saying I passed out because my troponin was high, which had to do with my heart instead of my head,” he closed.

Corey Anderson.
Corey Anderson.

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