Koeman’s ex-partner who puts a brake on expectations

Koeman's ex-partner who puts a brake on expectations

Miguel Ángel Nadal, ex Barcelona, ​​does not believe that the arrival of the Dutchman to the Catalan club as a new strategist will cause a revolution.

If someone knows well Ronald Koeman that is Miguel Angel Nadal. The Mallorcan was a partner of the Dutchman in the axis of the rear under Johan Cruyff in Barcelona for four years and knows like no one the way he thinks and what the new Blaugrana team coach prioritizes.

For this reason, the one from Manacor has no doubts that “it is better to bring him now than a few years ago” although he is cryptic as to whether it is the best option in the face of the crisis at all levels in which the club is immersed. “It is an option,” he says, aware that Josep Maria Bartomeu did not have many more bullets left.

According to Nadal, “now he has experience at a time when people are demanding changes” that require both toughness and mettle, and Koeman “has the strength and knowledge to carry them out.” Not in vain it is the hero of Wembley but it may be that the revolution that Barça fans are waiting for will not come to pass.

Nadal does not expect any revolution

The former footballer who played for 18 seasons in La Liga does not forget that Koeman “knows the club perfectly and, when the time comes to make difficult decisions, he will have the ability to execute them.” In any case, his old teammate does not think that there will be any revolution despite the 8-2 suffered in Lisbon against Bayern.

“We all live a great disappointment but as time goes by, I imagine that he will think more about making adjustments than big changes or a revolution,” says Nadal, who survived the two screens that President Josep Lluís Núñez made after the final of Athens in 1994 and the firing of Cruyff in 1996.

In this regard, the 54-year-old Spaniard believes that “when you think about a renovation you can have an idea but perhaps with that squad you don’t need to change that much either” because, after all, “when a new season begins you always have to play stuff”.

“He will not be able to do anything without the support of the board”

“The most important thing is that they can have support from the offices”, highlights Nadal, who understands that “if they put Koeman in, it is for something” since “they sign someone capable of making important changes and he will come to that”, to rebuild the team and give it a balance that allows those in front to exploit their best virtues.

“Barcelona is a team that always aspires to win and must always be compensated”, Nadal advances, and even dares to predict that “it is difficult for Barcelona not to have a good defense and not to concede many chances”. This will require large amounts of patience and “patience is not usually a very present thing in football.” Koeman, for who he is, will enjoy a little more than anyone else.

Photo: JOSEP LAGO / AFP via Getty Images

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