Could it be different? Sean O’Malley revealed a detail that could prevent his defeat at UFC 252

Could it be different?  Sean O'Malley revealed a detail that could prevent his defeat at UFC 252

Injury to Sean O’Malley It was, without a doubt, one of the most controversial events at UFC 252 this past weekend. The American fighter lost undefeated due to an ankle injury, which was not forced by his rival, Marlon Vera. Already several days after what happened, the fighter has revealed what happened before the fight with the Ecuadorian, and pointed out that there was something that perhaps could prevent the sprained ankle that led him to his first defeat in UFC.

The undefeated of Sean O’Malley It ended in a totally unexpected way. After provoking Marlon Vera by painting his hair with the colors of the Ecuadorian flag, things did not turn out well for the American. The fighter, before the first 5 minutes of the fight, suffered a sprained ankle that disabled him to continue with the fight. The Ecuadorian took advantage of the opportunity against his defenseless rival, until the referee decreed the technical knockout.

“Humiliated”: O’Malley broke the silence after his shameful loss to Vera

Could the anklet save Sean O’Malley?

Several days after what happened to Vera, Sean O’Malley revealed that there was a detail that could change the course of the fight. The American, moments before entering the octagon, asked that his anklets be loosened. This could, perhaps, save him from the kink. “When I was warming up, everything was perfect. I felt in good shape. In my mind I thought one hundred percent that I was going to break that son of a bitch. While I was doing the warm-up, everything was perfect.

“Five minutes before we were called in, I said, ‘Hey Brandon, do you think you could loosen my ankle? It’s fucking tight ‘. So I was in the back loosening my anklets because they were too tight ”stated ‘Sugar’. Now the fighter has lost his undefeated in UFC, in a match that promised to be one of the high points of last weekend’s evening. However, the injury caused O’Malley quickly get out of the fight.

At the moment, the extent of the injury to Sean O’Malley. The Montana native awaits the results of his medical examinations, and will know his time off in the next few hours. “Yesterday I had an MRI, tomorrow the doctor will examine it.” Now, after what happened last Saturday, this adds a record of 12 wins and 1 loss in the UFC, and has already stated that he hopes to have a rematch with Marlon Vera, hoping to fight on equal terms.

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