Passion for Mixed Martial Arts? The 10 best UFC movies to watch

Passion for Mixed Martial Arts?  The 10 best UFC movies to watch

The Mixed martial arts are a young sport, but without a doubt it continues to grow constantly worldwide, being UFC the highest point. However, they have served to inspire a series of films and documentaries that have marked an era for some 20 years. From the birth of the sport based on the famous Bloodsport Kumite, to the consecration of athletes of the stature of Matt Hamil, José Aldo and Conor McGregor, the MMA It is already a constant in the cinema that has portrayed it from all angles, including the human side of the stars and their stories.

Bloodsport (1988)

This is a cult movie and the one that opened the door for the birth of MMA. The creators of UFC They were based on Kumite, which brought together world champions from different disciplines such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate and Sumo, to compete for an international trophy in Hong Kong. The film chronicles Frank Dux’s experiences in this deadly Kumite.

Michael Bisping took his eye out live and caused a sensation in the networks

Never Back Down (2008)

Jack is a popular kid who moves to a new neighborhood with a reputation for being good at street fighting. By chance of fate he is involved in a tough fight during a party, in which he is defeated and humiliated by a “bully” who participates in clandestine fights of MMA. Embarrassed, Jack decides to learn martial arts from a mentor, who will teach him discipline and a key mandate in the sport: never back down.

Fighting (2009)

Shawn MacArthur is a guy who makes a living selling counterfeit goods on the streets of New York, but is very good at fighting on the streets. By chance he ends up forming an alliance with Harvey Boarden, who is a con man. Shawn becomes an expert on the street circuit, beating professional boxers, Martial Artists and great fighters. The problem comes when Shawn wants to get out of that world, but to do so he must risk his life.

The Warrior (2011)

A film that mixes drama with the emotion of MMA. A former marine returns home to be trained by his father, a former alcoholic boxer, to participate in an international tournament. What he does not know is that in the middle of the competition he will have to face his own demons and his older brother from whom he has been estranged since the death of his mother.

The Hammer (2011)

An extraordinary account of the life of Matt Hamil, the only deaf fighter to become a star of the UFC. The Hammer recounts how Hamil, with the help of his paternal grandfather, faced the challenges his condition presented him and how he became one of the most outstanding Olympic wrestling champions at the university level and then made the great leap into UFC.

Here Comes the Boom (2012)

Scott Voss, played by Kevin James, is a biology professor who is called irresponsible by his superiors. When an administrative cut threatens to eliminate the music program of his school and his teacher, Scott decides to raise the money at all costs to save it. For that, Scott, 42, decides to become a fighter of MMA, going through a series of situations that take him to a place he never imagined.

Fight Life (2012)

A very important documentary to understand the culture and growth of the fighters of Mixed martial arts. It is a journey to the difficult world of the birth of the stars of the MMA, mainly because of the adverse circumstances they must overcome to reach stardom. The testimony of fighters like Frank Shamrock, Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez, are part of this tremendous audiovisual content.

Monday Nights at Seven (2016)

A film that mixes drama with love for Mixed martial arts. A father of a family must deal with the death of his wife from cancer and the challenges that surround him in raising his young daughter. That is why it finds in the MMA the perfect showcase to give direction to your life and find love again. The former champion of UFC Anderson Silva and veteran actor Edward James Olmos.

Stronger than the World (2016)

Brazilian fighter José Aldo faces his own ghosts as he seeks to establish himself as champion of the MMA. This biographical film highlights the difficult childhood Aldo went through due to an alcoholic father, who left a scar on his face for life. Likewise, he exposes his marital problems and how his wife became a fundamental pillar to become a champion.

Conor McGregor: Notorious (2017)

Become the highest grossing fighter in the history of the MMA, Conor McGregor makes a journey from his beginnings in the sport in Ireland to becoming a double champion for the UFC. Filmed for four years, the nicknamed “Notorious” brings fans into the intimacy of his preparation for various duels, including the night of his consecration before José Aldo.

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