Add fuel to the fire! Paulo Costa responded to the words of Israel Adesanya

Add fuel to the fire!  Paulo Costa responded to the words of Israel Adesanya

Paulo Costa trust the middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, he shuddered before his long-awaited crash in UFC 253. The Brazilian (13-0 MMA, 5-0 UFC) and the Nigerian (19-0 MMA, 8-0 UFC) met for the first time in an interview on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” where the two added more fuel to the fire. Although the monarch has had some spectacular performances on his way to the middleweight title of, the South American is unwilling to let his most recent title defense against Yoel Romero at UFC 248 be unforgettable.

Adesanya defeated Romero by unanimous decision on a tactical but mediocre issue. Yoel was also the most recent opponent of CoastBut their fight at UFC 241 saw the Brazilian contender pressuring and forcing him to participate in an entertaining three-round war. Paulo made sure to remind Israel his past performance, while this one responded by showing the multiple trophies he claimed for his championship-winning year in 2019.

He doesn’t play games! Strong threat from Israel Adesanya to Paulo Costa

Coast saw the response of Adesanya as a sign of weakness, so he quickly responded. “As you saw, when I gave him the opportunity to speak to him directly, it showed how insecure he is,” Paulo told Submission Radio. “He tried to show each time (his trophies) that he got. Like, every time I’d say, ‘Oh, look how good I am.’ He needed to show people and himself that he is good, “he also added to his sayings, those that rang out loud in these hours.

“If you really think it’s very good, you don’t need to show this kind of thing. But he froze. And this is what he did when he met a potential competitor, a real competitor like me, as if freezing against Romero. He is used to doing that. He called Jon Jones to fight. And then when Jon Jones accepted his challenge, he said, ‘no, I’m not ready yet, I need a year or two to gain more weight, to have more muscle to fight Jon Jones. So, AdesanyaUnfortunately, it is this type of person who freezes when faced with a real competitor, ”he said.

To close, Paul He also highlighted: “He already knows he’s in trouble. How can I hurt him, how can I hit him bad. So that’s why I think I stuck my head into it. I’m not worried about him. It’s good, it’s fast, fast. But I also know that it cannot harm me. He can’t deal much damage to me because I’m stronger than him, and he’s not the type of person who comes with a heavy hit, only against hits. So I’m not worried about him for this fight. But he has a lot of things on his mind for this fight.

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