Hamilton ruled out boycott of Belgian Grand Prix

Hamilton ruled out boycott of Belgian Grand Prix

The British driver is “really proud” of the actions in major sports in the United States, but does not plan to be left out of this weekend’s race.

The current champion of the Formula One, Lewis hamilton, he ruled out boycotting the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend. The parties of the NBA, WNBA, MLB and MLS were postponed in protest against racial injustice and police brutality following the attack on Jacob blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Some NFL teams canceled their planned activities, while the Western & Southern Open tennis tournament delayed all Thursday’s games amid protests across the country.

Hamilton, the only black driver in F1, was at the forefront of the anti-racism movement this season and backed the stance taken by America’s top teams and players. However, he ruled out the possibility of doing the same this weekend.

“It’s amazing what many in the United States are doing within their sports, even the people who are hosting them. A lot of people are supporting the players and really pushing for change. It’s a shame that’s what it takes there to get a reaction, “declared the Mercedes driver.

He added: “But that’s in America and I don’t really know if doing anything here will have any particular effect. We are in Belgium, not the United States. I haven’t talked to anyone about it, but I’m really proud of so many and I’m with them”.

“I really don’t know what it can do if the race doesn’t develop, but I’ll try to talk to F1 to see what else we can do to continue raising awareness. And as a sport, we all need to be aligned and support each other, even though it is a sport. different”.

For his part, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel confirmed that the 20 drivers will continue to protest against racism before this season’s races: “We sent a strong message after the first event and our feeling was very clear that we wanted to keep sending. that message. It’s one of those things that doesn’t go away overnight. How long will we continue? There’s no answer to that. It’s important to keep sending the message and that’s what we’ll keep doing. “

“We know it doesn’t change things overnight and it’s only a very small contribution, but hopefully everyone who tunes in and watches it gets the point and takes a little bit of that for the next steps they’ll face in the Because acting in public is one thing, but the most important thing is how everyone acts and how they cope once the cameras are turned off. That is true for us and it is true for everyone else, “he closed.

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