Won't they fight?  Pacquiao's coach charged at Conor McGregor: "He won't destroy his legacy for a tramp"

The exhibition meeting between Manny pacquiao and Conor McGregor It has been playing for months. The Irishman was already in the boxing ring in 2017, in his confrontation with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who defeated him by technical knockout. Since then, a new crossover between boxing and the UFC has been brewing. ‘Pac-Man’ is about to define his future in the ring, and one of the possible rivals is the MMA fighter. However, his coach has come out to criticize the idea of ​​a fight with ‘The Notorious’.

The winks between Manny pacquiao and Conor McGregor for a possible fight they have been constant, especially since the Filipino happened to be represented by Paradigm Sports Management, who also represent the Irish. It is clear that a match would be extremely attractive to fans of the matches, and the revenues in television rights would be multimillion dollar. However, not everyone involved agrees with the fight.

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Fortune shot Conor McGregor

Justin Fortune, coach of Pacquiao, he disagreed with the idea of ​​an exhibition match against the Mixed Martial Arts fighter, who recently retired from the UFC. Why would we help that guy get rich? And will do nothing for Pacquiao in regards to his legacy. Remember this is just my opinion. Manny is going to be the best boxer in history when he ends his career, because nobody has achieved what he has achieved in boxing.

«It would be very unfair for the fans to see Pacquiao facing Mcgregor. Why destroy your legacy for a hobo like Mcgregor? Manny would destroy him in three rounds. He would do it too fast and too strong, like the amazing boxer that he is »added the coach of the Filipino fighter. He pointed out that the reigning world welterweight champion would have no major problem finishing off the challenger in a ring, just like Mayweather did.

Fortune stressed that a cross between boxing and MMA makes no sense. He argued that, whatever the scenario, there will be a clear winner due to the inexperience of the other in this area. The coach stressed that ‘Pac-Man’ would not be a match for ‘The Notorious’ in MMA. «Mcgregor is nothing. I mean, by God, this is boxing, we are boxers. Mcgregor He’s a MMA guy, we can’t do MMA and he can’t box. It’s that easy”.

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