Romero Gamarra: "I'm afraid to go out on the street"

America was stained with blood again. Police bullets took the life of Jacob Blake, another African-American citizen killed point-blank for his skin color in Wisconsin, and not only the streets were felt. Also sport, which, led by basketball player LeBron James, raised his voice and decided to stop. Alejandro Romero Gamarra, New York Red Bulls midfielder, recounted how he goes through the days in a nation on fire from racial protests.

“It is a tough time for the whole country. Players agreed to cancel all matches. There are many who do not want to play in the remainder of the season “, assured the Kaku. And I add: “Hopefully this serves to change something once and for all. This is hard, people suffer ”.

Riots happen at all hours and the danger is constant in every corner of the cities. “A few weeks ago there was a curfew and if you weren’t at home the police could take you. I was afraid to go out on the street, confessed the ex-Hurricane. And closed: “Now everything got worse. You can hear the protests, the noises of the police and ambulances all night long ”.